My first Tesla Road Trip

in tesla •  26 days ago 

Today I will be doing my first big drive with the Tesla.

As you can see there are many SuperChargers on the way, so it should be quite without disruption.


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I hope you drive it to Steemfest Thailand in a few months, i need some competition for the poker tournament

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  ·  26 days ago (edited)

If they had super chargers on the ocean i would totally do it! Else I may have to fly

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Must be an amazing trip you had. How many miles per full charge?

I have the small battery which has 240 miles range.

I try not charge more than 80-90% to preserve battery life and to not go below 20% either.

So far this has not been an issue even on longer trips, due to the superchargers everywhere

Dear @knircky, i have just set a bounty but in is not displyed, why?