FSD to increase by $1000 today

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Tesla FSD will increase by $1000 today to $7000.

I wonder if Tesla will release some new features that will make it worth $7000 or if they believe it already hs enough value to justify the price.

To me 80-90% of the value comes from Autopilot and if you are a little price conscious the price for FSD is a bit much.

I believe Tesla will come out with more features that will make it worth it.

My speculation is that the plan was to come with more features in November together with the price increase.

I will be away for a month and only be able to watch this from far away (from my Tesla that is).

What are your thoughts?

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That could be overpriced. As well as the Tesla cars themselves. Because the Tesla cars are not as safe as Tesla says/claims.

I very much disagree with that statement of the Tesla being expensive and not safe. I own a model 3 that cost 35k after incentives.

A comparable ICE care would cost about twice that. Like a C-Class or 3 series, with similar performance and features. And there are many features you can only get in a Tesla.

As for security, Tesla autopilot and its passive security featurss are so much safer than any of the other security features that it has to be much much safer especially when autopilot is engaged.

Tesla will stay in lane better without autopilot engaged than other cars with their self driving capabilities, simply due to the passive security features. There is really no comparison.

But I do agree with you that FSD is overpriced.

The perfect argument, and to me shows exactly what's happening in society.
People think just because Tesla is a revolutionary company that their cars are expensive, but that´s just a myth, that could have been true in their early days, but those are long gone and as I mentioned before, I don´t wanna buy another car other than a Tesla in the future.