Can a model 3 or other tesla be driven for more than 9 miles now?

in tesla •  25 days ago

One of the question I have about Tesla is the issue of speed.

Teslas are often said to be fast, however a model S throttles energy after 9 miles, because it overheats.

Model 3 is said to better at cooling, but i have not seen any evidence it can be driven on a highway or track for more than 9 miles or a few minutes.

Is there any evidence or test in regards to this?

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I live in california and I have friends driving thr tesla's to work every day, more than 100 miles round trip on highway. I drive chevy volt to work every day, 52 miles round trip, most of it highway, high speed, no problems.


I don't mean driving on a us a highway, as there is speed limits. Obviously the car drives for 300-400 miles on one charge.

The thing is when you on top speed the battery gets hot and the car has to reduce power supply making you drive slow. This is why the top speed is limited a lot and even with limited top speed you cannot maintain that speed over extended amount of time.

I thus find the comparison of Teslas being faster than regular sports cars unfair as this is just looking at the short term advantage the car has while ignoring the longer term problems.

So when they say the tesla beat an M3 over a 1 min lap, then that seems obvious since the electric car has instant acceleration and way more horsepower.

I have yet to see a tesla perform well on a longer track like Nuerburgring or on a German autobahn. All you ever see is a quick short acceleration, but never actual hard driving over longer distance as you would do with a gas car.


I get what u are saying. Those are sprint records. I have never heard of any long distance races with tesla, probably because of the reason u mentioned above

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