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The media's favorite genius innovator, Elon Musk sure has been in the headlines a lot lately, and not for good reasons.

As I am perusing BBC news this morning, I find this article discussing 2 lawsuits that Elon's company is currently facing (I know Tesla has a number of them going on currently). I hadn't heard of these ones...

Exhibit 1.1:

'In one case, a former employee that Tesla accused of sabotage has hit back with his own lawsuit accusing it of "dangerous and wasteful" behaviour.'


'In June, the carmaker filed a lawsuit accusing Martin Tripp, a former technician at Tesla's Nevada factory, of hacking into its systems and passing confidential information to third parties. Now Mr Tripp is suing for defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

He is seeking at least $1m. Mr Tripp maintains he was a whistleblower who leaked information to the Business Insider website because of environmental and safety issues.

The counter-claim, like the original lawsuit, was filed in the federal court in Nevada. In it, Mr Tripp says he acted because of Tesla's "high levels of waste and scrap", as well as what he called "unnerving, dangerous and wasteful business practices".'


Exhibit 1.2:

'In the other, ex-employees of its SolarCity subsidiary say they were wrongfully dismissed after uncovering evidence of fake sales records.'

This one sounds juicy! :D

'..three former SolarCity workers say they were fired after their own attempt to blow the whistle on wrongdoing.

In a lawsuit filed in the San Diego Superior Court, they say they discovered fake sales accounts that were used to inflate the company's valuation and justify bonuses for certain employees. They say they told Mr Musk and other managers of their concerns, but were then dismissed in May 2017.

Tesla said it had fully investigated the issues and the facts did not support the allegations.'

Some of you also probably remember the very recent incident where Musk got into it with one of the divers who helped rescue the boys' soccer team in Thailand, calling him a "pedo" because the diver stated he didn't think Elon's idea to save them with a submarine was feasible.

He is hot-headed, and really doesn't like when anyone challenges him or his ideas.

Back in May, Musk made headlines for some comments he made during Tesla's earnings call (see here:

Here is the link from the original BBC article I found this morning:

Looking forward to hearing from you guys about Mr. Elon Musk and what you think about Tesla :P


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