COAS denies existence of terrorists’ hideouts in Pakistan, asks US to find reasons for its own failures

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MUNICH: Army Chief Gen Qamar Bajwa on Saturday categorically denied the existence of terrorists’ safe havens on Pakistan soil and asked the US to stop blaming Pakistan for its problems in Afghanistan.

General Bajwa said that Pakistan was being attacked from hideouts on Afghanistan’s soil and told the United States to search for reasons for its failures.

The COAS was speaking at the three-day Munich Security Conference where military chiefs and civilian leaders have gathered to discuss the world’s most pressing security issues.

Pointing to the Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan and Islamic State safe havens, he said terrorists had established sanctuaries on the Afghan soil along the border with Pakistan.

Tensions between Pakistan and US intensified after the announcement of Trump administration’s strategy for South Asia and Afghanistan.

The strategy was very critical of Pakistan for its alleged inaction against terrorist sanctuaries allegedly used for sustaining the insurgency in Afghanistan.Screenshot-2018-2-24 COAS denies existence of terrorists' hideouts in Pakistan, asks US to find reasons for its own failures.png

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