Matt Shea is the face of right wing extremists.

in #terrorism2 years ago

It's a clear indicator of the level of racism and extreme bias shown to Christian White men that Matt Shea has been able to organize three armed conflicts with the federal government and has not been arrested.

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In the USA out FBI does regular sting operations where they convince naive people to use explosives to attack targets, once the stooge has been convinced to carry out the terror attack agents deliver explosives which are fake. They are in essense creating a terror attack by radicalization of a person. Often the person who is set up is a person of color, or a Muslim. The FBI is quick to arrest these people.

We see clearly how biased the law enforcement agencies are in the USA in the case of Matt Shea. Matt Shea helped to organize three different armed conflicts and has called for mass murder on multiple occasions. Yet he still walks around free.

Imagine how quickly the police would arrest a middle eastern person who committed similar crimes. Imagine how many people on the right carry out hate crimes and are never charged. Imagine how many people are laying in wait, armed and radicalized knowing full well that they will face no jail time for these extremist hate crimes.

People often talk about how racist the criminal justice system is in the USA, in my opinion the case of domestic terrorism organizer Matt Shea is as clear of an example as could be imagined.

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