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Imagine you had mock security drills on a certain day. You do test drills for a false fire alarm, you test a bomb threat, you test an attack.

Reality or Unreality?

You might recall having done some test drills at school fire and bomb threats. I know it was done at my school. But what if the fire was real, and you thought it was only fake? What if the bomb threat, or someone attacking, was really happening?

Wouldn't you be really confused if something you thought was fake, was actually real? As far as you know in reality, there is no real threat, it's only a drill. If there are firemen, and police, and SWAT, or whatever, and it looks real but you were told it was fake, then even if it was real you would think it was fake.

And the opposite is true, if it was fake and you thought it was real, you would believe it to be real because it looks real. Anyone watching a news report about a test drill, without being told it was a test drill and being told it was a "real" live event, would believe what the news tells them. Behold the fakenews of the mainstream media, long before the fad of "fakenews" they try to use to disparage counter-information.

Here are some famous attacks that had test drills on the same day:



Before, and on the 11th of September, NORAD and other intelligence and emergency response agencies held drills to simulate almost the exact attack that took place on 9/11. This kept peopel distracted rom dealing with the actual event, thinking it was a only drill.

Vigilant Guardian - NORAD
Global Guardian - Pentagon
Tripod - New York, FEMA, Police, firemen, etc.
CIA Excersices - Jet crash

NORAD drills on 9/11

7/7 London bombings


London had terror drills schedules in their tube/metro/subway system on the day multiple attacks took place on those systems. With 52 dead, and over 700 injured, and Britain's worst terror attack since Pan Am Flight 103's bombing in 1088, and it's first Islamic-based attack.

7/7/2005 London Bombings Terror Drills

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting


There was a drill going on in New Haven, Connecticut, not at Sandy Hook Elementary, but 14 miles away at St. Rose of Lima Elementary School. You can find footage where they use the other school instead of Sandy Hook, while claiming it is Sandy Hook.

People who took part int he mock drills, were also at Sandy Hook. Like the Sheriff. There are many inconsistencies with the official story, as there are with 7/7 and 9/11.

Sandy Hook: CNN Used St. Rose Of Lima School Drill Footage

Boston Marathon bombing


THe Boston Marathon is popular every year. But in April 2013, it had bomb sniffing dogs, and other increased security such as roof spotters, yet police say they had no extra security threats that day. Witnesses say they heard a speaker say to keep calm during upcoming terror drills. Yet the officials won't admit to yet another terror drill, and even avoid denying it in some cases.

Journalist to FBI: "Tell Us About the Bomb Drill!"

Marathon Runner: Loudspeaker Announcements warning people to remain calm during bomb drills


Wouldn't that been some weird rare coincidence? Like, how can that happen? Out of all the days a drill could happen, it happens on the same day that the actual rare event takes place? It's not enough that the event actually happened, despite it being rare to happen at all, but that these rare events happened to coincide on the same day as scheduled drills? Something is odd. Think about it, how many school fire, bombing or shooting to you hear about? The shooting in the past 2 decades have gone up, yes, but considering how many schools there are, it is rare.

So, what are the statistics of probability for this to happen, for an actual attack that is rare, to happen one the same exact day that a drill is planned?

The probability, P1, that an attack will happen on the day of a drill in a month is 1/30. The probability, P2 that an attack will happen within an hour of the drill that day (24h) is 1/24. The probability of both together, P3, is P3 = P1 * P2 = 1/30 * 1/24 = 1/720 = 0.00139.

Also the more times in one day a terror drill is scheduled, the less likely it is to actually happen. I have covered how the more variables you add (more terror drills where an attack is less likely to happen) the less likely something is to happen, in the conjunction fallacy.

Remember, on these days, everyone is supposed to be prepared, ready and everything is setup to deal with an attack. Then an attack does happen.

Why that day?

But if the terrorists did know there were test drills scheduled, whereby the society would already be prepared to deal with an attack, would they really, honestly, do the attack? Think about it. Wouldn't you pick a day where there were no terror drills? Theses drills were planned weeks and months in advance. Famous attacks keep having test mock drills scheduled on the same day,over, and over, and over. The odds of it happening once, ok, maybe, but then over and over... yeah right! Why pick that of all days? Either the "terrorists" or the government... seriously, it's not likely to "just" happen.

The drills are supposed to mean the emergency response is already in place and are supposed to be prepared, then the drill goes "live". They couldn't stop it, but they are ready to "manage" the aftermath. This conflicting information about doing a test, but is it a test(?), confuses people, because it's supposed to be mock, and then all of sudden it's reality. Flight controllers doing mock drills on 9/11 thought the planes changing direction on radar were not real.

It's still something to think about...

Is this proof of anything nefarious on the part of the government? Not quite. Just some thinking we can do about data and put logical pieces together to see what makes sense and what doesn't.

Something fishy is going on, I can smell it! There is already proof of fakenews where they should the terror drill of one school instead of the real one allegedly being attacked. They can show us things and we believe it. What else is being faked in these events?

Stay tuned for more!


Thank you for your time and attention! I appreciate the knowledge reaching more people. Take care. Peace.

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2016-12-15, 12:51pm


You didn't mention the San Bernadino shootings that just happened to occur in a building that staged monthly active shooter drills for law enforcement training purposes and that led to many buildings starting to stage their own active shooter drills including a building in Florida that staged their own drill an hour BEFORE the shooting "in response to the shooting in California".

I left more than that out ;) I went with the more likely and popular. Something that happens every month is easier for a "real terrorist" to know about and plan at the same time. I was trying to take cases where it would be less likely to happen, yet did. Thanks for the feedback.

Great post, lots of factual information. And, very interesting look into lame stream media. I agree I think the system is hurting us through the television and cheap news. Faker news.

Tell your crisis actors it's a drill and that no animals or people will be hurt. Recruiting is easier that way.

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