Is 9–11 a hoax? Author C Bollyn: “YES”

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Its been a number of weeks since I last wrote. Nonetheless my weekly radio program steams forward with full force. Every Wednesday I have been fortunate enough to bring on program a fairly high-powered guest. 2 weeks ago I hosted Dr. Sherri Tenpenny — and a parent…a Canadian woman of 5. Link to audio: After vaccinating her first 3 she refused vaccination on the last 2. This incredibly strong woman exercises her amazing parenting skills in the following manner; the first three babies have all developed autism. The latter two are perfectly healthy. Dr. Tenpenny weighed in. A woman who’s been studying vaccines for years and warning parents of the risk in vaccination. Its not that vaccination is NOT important. Surely it is, but, as Sherri herself can attest… not always necessary. And what is of importance are the ingredients in vaccines. Not the main ingredient that combats the virus or disease but the additives like mercury. This has been proven to cause autism. See author Wayne Rhode and read his book Vaccine Court. Link to audio with Wayne:

So after starting this weekly radio program, in a very indirect manner…. I wasn’t looking to do this, it has grown and grown and grown and frankly is taking off. Why? Next week it seems Ill host Mississippi State Senator, Chris McDaniel and author Ryan Walters. They’ll talk about corruption in that state’s GOP party. So, on I press forward and this week I shifted gears. Wheels rolling in neutral, I brought on author Christopher Bollyn. Lets begin.

First off, audio link: As usual, discussion lasted about an hour. They question you must ask before looking into this is not an old one. Probably not one you’ve not heard before. Were the terror attacks on 9–11 a hoax? Wow. Wow. Wow. What? A hoax? Like, was it an inside job? What author Christopher Bollyn has discovered in his research may very well blow your mind. Not only will it make complete sense to you…most likely, but, it will have you walking away with full intention to investigate further. Let me stop you right there. While you're investigating go ahead, without further adieu and contact your US Senator and demand he/she do the same. Because what Chris will reveal is most likely not what you’ve been told. Not by your neighbor, your friend, your teacher, your boss and certainly not by your mainstream media. And IF, Chris is accurate in his findings… his admonition is more than urgent. WE MUST ACT NOW.

So, if, if, if, 9–11 was a hoax, why was it played out? Do you think the US and her politics are immune to controversy? Do you think Lady Liberty has no cost? Oh, certainly you concur. The issue is, you may not realize where the cost comes? Go down the trail of the Federal Reserve and you will be on a warm trail… at least according to Christopher Bollyn. What he exposes is a group, you’ve possibly never heard of: The World Zionist Organization. Sure, by now you've heard of Skull and Bones… the Yale elite social organization. You've probably heard of the Bilderburg Group and the Bohemian Grove. Im multi-generation Californian so, none of these names are new to me. But, the World Zionist Organization… they may be so deep and covert, good luck proving Christopher WRONG. Yes, I said wrong. Thats why he’s perhaps done the digging for you. Remember just what price the land that Lady Liberty stands on you will be reminded of how precious her Constitution is. From history we know that we have men like Washington to thank for that. But, what about the religious freedom seekers that landed on Plymouth Rock. Are they not as important as Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and Gustave Eiffel and Washington for that matter. I speak of the same organization that links many of these men… one that illuminates the mind. I remain vague. So, lets take The World Zionists, Christopher. Lets run with that. Again audio link: Why? Why would this interest Osama Bin Laden? Why would it interest Saudi Arabia? What about the Bush Family? Is there a connection? Even JFK? Hey, you get exposed to a neurotoxic pesticide and you may flip your lid too. Yes, being exposed to the pesticide that supposedly was to fight a lethal virus called “zika” definitely opened up my investigative appetite. So, yeah, theres a connection to all and to JFK. And, if you listen to Christopher he’ll even take you down a road that runs you by the Iran Contra.

So, why? What purpose? Im leaving lots of wholes open here. I know that. But, hey, wasn’t that a massive hole our soldiers went down going into Iraq to snuff out “weapons of mass destruction? Yeah, then our boys went to Afghanistan. Then it was Syria? Its been a while since Osama Bin Laden blew up those towers, right? Its been a while since our SEAL team took him out in his hideaway? Yet the cost to our economy surges on and surges on. Why? Because of a “War on Terror” but when was the last time you met someone of Islamic faith that personally insulted you? Bollyn says Islam is a mask. Its a mask to create a theater. A theater that generates a massive coin machine…one that YOU, as tax payer pay… and seem to be a slave to. So who does it benefit? Check: Balfour Declaration. Check: Rothschild. You are then lead to Larry Silverstein, the man who owns the ground upon which the World Trade Center complex stood and now the Freedom Tower. From there you are lead to The World Zionist Organization and yes, men like, Benjamin Netanyahu. So, if 9–11 was a hoax? Who did it most benefit? What Bollyn basically is saying is that these masterful international bankers constructed a story to play out to manipulate the US Military into global service that narrowed an attack on the entire Middle East, for one purpose: CONTROL. To protect who? Israel. So, is there anything wrong with that? Well, yeah, there sure is.
Im not saying that Bollyn's research is spot on. Im not pointing blame in any one direction. I am saying that the narrative for the attacks on 9–11 seemed to be from a very poorly organized rebellion lead by a man named Osama Bin Laden. Whether this is accurate or not, whether he was successful in achieving what he set out to “achieve” or not, whether Americans have been mislead or not; Christopher Bollyn's book and research should at least be listened to and taken into consideration. Because at the end of the day, our Lady Liberty stands for one thing: and that is to comfort those in need of comfort. To give those who seek freedom, liberty, the right to free press, the right to freedom of religion; the right to have and practice just those. I present to you Christopher Bollyn.

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