Islamo-loserists, and other losers

in terrorism •  11 months ago

Acts of "terror" aren't. Not for me. They don't terrify me in the slightest. But they do make me angry. And they make me think.

"Terrorists" aren't terrorists if they don't create terror, but-- by killing random people-- they show they are losers.

They are all losers. No matter what motivates their acts of loserism. The fact of them being losers renders their motivation irrelevant.

Maybe they murder for politics, for their superstitions, or maybe for politics which are more accommodating to their superstitious beliefs. Whatever. It's just that, in the current world in which we live, the majority of the losers who get publicity murder random people in the name of Islam. So, they are Islamo-losers.

If they murder for a god, that god (if he exists) is obviously evil. Do they really believe an evil god who lusts for death wouldn't lie to them? Of course he would. Lies come before the call to murder-- they lead up to the murderous mission. If there were an afterlife of any sort, their evil god probably lied to them about that, too. Instead of 72 virgins (or a city with streets paved with gold, for other losers) they would be facing an early entry to an eternal roasting pit. Are they really that anxious to get started right away?

Any "leader" of this loser group who encourages them to be losers is also encouraging them-- if he believes what he's pushing-- to hurry up and exit this life so they can get started on the unimaginable suffering they earned by their act of loserism. Congrats on earning that, Losers. Hope you like it better than this miserable life of sunrises, kittens, and people who make you angry.

Just so you don't think I'm picking on Islamo-losers, the Pentagon and US government are also filled with people excited by the prospects of engaging in world-wide loserism. They just don't want to die in the process of killing random people, unlike those losers who are happy to kill themselves along with their victims. That doesn't make them any better. I guess they are Imperio-losers.

Losers initiate force; the initiation of force makes a person a loser. Don't be a loser.



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I am a Muslim who was born in an Islamic country and still live in it, and I am totally agreeing with you, plus there is a fact that these people are doing life wrong by there own choices, It's like the Ying Yan situation, only they are way drowned in the darkness. and no religion is rooting for what they do even if it was made by a kid let long a religion that's from outer space that been here for ages. and those who blow themselves taking innocence people ruthlessly simply as you put it they are worshiping a devil god. plus as I witness their life philosophy is pretty much missed up filled with the fact that they can't live a life filled with achievements to improve their and others future. Arabs are dead to me even though I am one, I get sad of what I'm hearing on the news in daily basis, although that I like the fact of been alive in this century that piece of it is a really a bad catch. wishing for a brighter future the sooner it can get because this situation is not decent at all

These people that are commuting these things can also be desperate, blackmailed or both. If they are desperate they are losers, but if they are blackmailed they are doing about the only thing that they see in order to protect their families or friends, regardless of how they end up. It's a sad place to be I think, without choice over causing harm to others.


Even if you are blackmailed, the response is up to you. I don't know what I would do in that case- but I would still be a loser if I were in a position to be blackmailed to the point that I could be used to murder random people.


Lets say they kidnap your loved one, almost the single common element to every bad guy good buy movie out there :D, and so it goes with people that are mentally disabled, and we can take it to the full extent of Manchurian candidate without the subjects even knowing. The point is that these things happen and that we don't know why and how they are carried out.