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Hello everyone, this is a little story I hope you enjoy it

It was a common night where I came from my studies noturnos, always before leaving I usually go through some chips and a soda before arriving at my house. After finishing shopping I find an old friend who greets me. After hours of talking with him, I'm on my way home, walking alone on the street I saw that the street was very desolate and somewhat dark with a cold something, felt a lot cold and I wanted to hurry to get to my house, take the shortest and darkest route to get fast, walking down the darkest street I had seen, I turn on my cell phone to see a little better, arriving home I found a USB shot. I almost got close to the neighbor's door, I picked it up thinking that maybe the neighbor was lost and I thought I'd wrap it up in the morning. Already calm in my house bored in my room I wanted to find out that it continues, I put the USB in my computer to see what it contained, I only saw a single folder and there, I see that I had a video so weird since the lyrics of the title were in another language that I could not understand. I saw the video and the content was something visarro and disgusting, people appeared tortured and heard screams, remove the USB and thought that this was a bad dream or was a joke in bad taste. I went to sleep to forget the video, asleep deeply I feel that they will open the door of the house, I hear footsteps, I thought it was my mom who always arrives late from work. But I got up and remembered that my mom would be at work until late , I went down quickly and I turned on all the lights of the house, the door of the kitchen was somewhat open, I saw that it was nobody and I put it safe. I went to sleep again thinking it was just the wind or an animal. Dreaming I hear my computer reproduced something, I got up and saw that it was again the same video but without audio, I scared thinking, who could watch the video? If nobody is in the house, only I am in the house

I hope you liked it

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