How do we really fight terrorism? My dream for a better world.

in terror •  last year

Many of us have probably been to some of the bigger cities recently and experienced the streets being patrolled by armed cops. Does that feel safer? I feel like it's more like a "we're here" signal than a signal of defense.

Should we fight terrorism with education? There's a lot of clips going around with failed incidents where the attacker truly believes, that they will go instantly to heaven and have a **** ton of virgins. I believe that.

Every once in a while, I see the headlines on the newspapers. There's been a terror attack. It happens too often, it shouldn’t even happen. A lot of innocent people with family, children, loved ones are the ones paying for the terrorist evilness.

My dream is that we can fight it in another way than with punishment because that way it will continue. If punishment was enough there wouldn’t be so many criminals all over the world. Some criminals need money and are willing to risk their future for that, but terror has never been about the economy.

In fact, terror attacks can be done by anyone, but they’re done by “muslims” who are connected to Islamic State. I think that we need to inform those silly terrorists about what they’re doing and that they achieve nothing from it. The issue that we’re currently experiencing is that the terrorists are brainwashed and truly believe that they’re doing the right thing and that’s why they’re willing to die as martyrs. I hope that we can stop this terrible and growing phenomena in a way that we’ve not yet tried. I think that if we want to help these silly people we must understand them first and then afterwards help them move on.

I’ve even seen news articles with danish boys/girls with no roots in the Middle East who travelled to Syria to fight for ISIS. Mainly because they had no hope and we’re thirsty for revenge.

In a dream everything is possible but I’m going to try and not be too optimistic, as we can’t prevent all attacks. I just believe that we are able to decrease the amount of these attacks that kill loads of innoncent people.

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