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TerraGreen, a blockchain powered renewable energy trading platform, has thought of a driven project. It endeavors to reform the Biomass waste administration industry and resuscitate the earth. The project will use blockchain innovation, smart contracts, IoT, huge data and versatile knowledge to make the world a greener spot.

The key component of the platform is the TerraGreen Coin, a Bitcoin-roused digital currency that can be utilized on TerraGreen's platform just as different platforms. TGN coin began as an extension of DeKo postulation which underlines that a currency upheld by electrical energy is more steady than being supported by gold or obligation. It is a currency sponsored by efficient power energy, the estimation of which will increment with an expansion in its usage.The coin will be utilized to raise capital for makers of renewable energy, who can pitch energy ahead of time to clients or investors. Clients of the platform will likewise approach TerraGreen wallet through which they can pay their bills specifically, utilizing a mix of crypto and fiat currency. The measure of every exchange made by clients will be exchanged to the wallet continuously which can either be put away as TGN or changed over to different monetary standards. An exchange expense of 0.0001 TGN will be charged for the services, relatively less expensive than fiat-based installment systems.
Monetary forms acknowledged at present are BTC, LTC, XRP, BCH and TGN, be that as it may, a refresh tolerating more cryptocurrencies might be presented later on. The fundamental reason of TerraGreen platform is to plan a renewable energy ecosystem that influences blockchain innovation to deliver and trade environmentally friendly power energy without the contribution of a focal expert or trusted outsider. The platform is intended to contain a transparent data of the renewable energy delivered, sold, the energy cost and the administration of biomass waste inventory network.

Human trust in scientific algorithms, numbers, encryptions and the general blockchain innovation cultivates trust in TGN coin. The coin structure is based on three columns; decentralization, certifiable shared innovation and an open source code. These columns empower a decentralized financial system and an abnormal state of protection and trust. The innovation utilized for TGN coin will undoubtedly support certainty and trust of clients in the platform. In a journey for a green transformation, TerraGreen's exertion is a collective vision of masses.

Brad Lee (Founder and CEO) – He has broad and specific learning of all parts of renewable energy and a foundation in innovative work. One of the establishing partners of Roub Energy Ventures Sdn Bhd and AVI Renewable Sdn Bhd, Brad is in charge of the improvement and execution of procedures for business development.
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Hannes Klobe (Co-author and CTO) – Hannes has some expertise in procedure improvement and conservative solution of each renewable energy project and has an aptitude in best in class atomization of the perplexing procedure system.

P. Nahak (COO and Blockchain Development Specialist) – He has broad information in blockchain and cryptocurrency as an engineer for private and public blockchain, fork, exchange, trading, and masternodes. He likewise has wide involvement in brought together and decentralized exchange and trading, ICO, presale, crowdfunding, fundraising, and IPO.

B.Viresh (CIO) – He is in charge of characterizing the system to structure innovation guide, improve IT infrastructure efficiencies and expanded item portfolio.

Sabina Abdul Aziz (Biomass Waste, Energy Crop and Smart Contract Developer)

With a foundation in the techno-monetary assessment of bioenergy systems, Sabina has involvement in smart contract, managing utilities and government organizations for the power buy understanding.

Tengku Dato'Nosruddin Ibrahim (Renewable Energy Trade and Economy Developer)

Has broad involvement in renewable energy trading, giving business counsel to state governments, speculation funds, energy players and traders.

Tengku Sri Paduka Raja (Co-Partner) – Tengku Paduka has been creating different business portfolios for right around three decades with his vision for government and corporate sector enterprises using biomass materials to produce renewable energy.

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