Genie Bouchard - who is she?

in tennis •  2 months ago

Genie Bouchard is a Canadian tennis player, who is as famous for her looks as her tennis. People have said she is as marketable as Maria Sharapova. Not surprising in my opinion, she is fine as all hell with makeup on anyway. She has underachieved her potential so far in tennis many people have said.

genie bouchard.JPG
from her instagram

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@geniebouchardfan She played at my the challenger event at my club last August. Van Open 2018. Was great seeing her around the restaurant, shame she didn't make it all the way.


Cool to get to see her! I'm from Ireland so I won't get to see her play here anyway :)


You'll have to fly over to the UK in June next year and watch her play at Eastbourne. Can't be too expensive to plan that trip. Hope you get to see her play