The force of Peace

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A year ago I joined with my brother @wwf to the circle of peace at a time when everyone was looking for a war flag...
we believe that peace is the only way to live as souls, not as bodies.
Everyone thinks he can impose his opinion using force.
But what is happening in Algeria now proves to us that peace is much stronger... by peace, we can do everything...
Protests began in Algeria against the government that wants to keep a dead president and wants to steal more money...
Although this government has a strong army and support from France, the people have made them unable to use their power against the people... Because the protests were very peaceful and all protesters insist that these protests be peaceful...
they say to the government whatever you do, we will not fight you. We will not burn anything and we will not break anything...
This peaceful protest has made the government abandon the candidacy of the dead president and have made the police joined to the protesters... Lawyers, military, doctors, teachers... Everyone joined the protests.
The government has become very weak and can't do anything. ..
12 Hours of Peaceful protests overthrow a government that has been for 20 years.....

I wanted to share some influential photos and videos with you. I hope you like it

"I'm the only person in the world who has renounced German citizenship".

"I want to learn English as a second language. Not the French language.".

"Go away..
Mom is pregnant.
And my brother doesn't want to see you.."

"Palestine is always in our hearts".

" 3 million protesters in the capital... And 17 million protesters all over the country."

" Youngest protester... ."

A little girl bearing the flag of Palestine can make everyone repeat her motto: You ate the country. You thieves!"

The child who made everyone cry

When the president of government said that Algeria would become like Syria if the protests continued.
This child responded with strong words, but he did not control his tears.
"Algeria is not Syria"

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