Let's end the Hatred

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I am like many who have been affected by the terrorist crime that occurred in New Zealand and I am from the little who asked himself: Why is this happening?
Why would someone kill 50 innocents in a way that we do not see only in the video games...
Shoots everyone and he's happy.
He is proud to have shot someone who said to him: Hello brother.
He entered a mosque and then started shooting to everyone: old man and young... child and woman......
Why is this happening?

We have seen this before in Morocco, Syria, France, and the USA...
The difference: In France and Syria the media said: it is Islamic terrorism... But in New Zealand: just a crime....
When ISIS was publishing videos of executions and murders in brutal ways, I was always asked myself: How can a human kill another human? .....

The answer is very simple: Hatred....
All this is caused by hatred in political and religious speeches on the Internet or TV ...
Hatred is like the fume that surrounds you. won't let you see the peace and love ..

If we want to fighting terrorism the world, we must fight hatred first and then make sure that you will not hear a terrorist act again...


Oh my god. To learn about the loss of close family members due to intended murder ... makes me not just speechless, I'm crying now.
This is so far beyond ... anything.
Maybe I've understood about the importance of wearing a hijab now.

its a sad world seeing all this go on.

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First of we need to learn to protect ourselves and our families. Fight hatred? How? By disarming law abiding citizens? I can guarantee that criminals will keep their guns. How are you going to fight hatred then? Learn to fight back. Someone should've shot the bastard. Plain and simple

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