You'll Never Plow a Field by Turning it Over in Your Mind

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The lizard brain is part of the brain that always hungry, selfish and scared... There's in the human brain and has a shape like a tonsil called Amygdala.

This part prevents you from doing anything new that has any risk.
This part makes you stay where you are...
This part that always tells you: ... No... wait .....later.. Go to Plan B...
This part that prevents you from spreading your thoughts, ideas or talents and will tell you that people will be mocking you and criticize you so much...

The most important tricks used by this part is :
Postponement... Tension... pay attention to the negative opinions of others... create excuses....etc

To get out of the control of this part:
We must plan without Plan B... then start to apply this plan without waiting or postponing without caring about time or place.
We must not create excuses to stop

You shouldn't waste time moving between the trifles of life that drain your creative energies, all of us are creative... you are also creative... You have to take out your ideas from your mind to let us see your privet creativity...

Letting Amygdala decide in your place means you keep your thoughts and your creativity in your mind's prison.

Start today. ..

😟Note: My son suffers from an ADEM (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis) disease due vaccine.
vaccine that was supposed to protect him from diseases, killed his dreams and ruined everything beautiful inside him. 😟

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