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RE: What happens when you get weak?

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ahhhhhhh, I just dont know what to say.....

we have only 9 days left on our make 250 new minnows in a month campaign and I thought I would pay you a visit to encourage you to power up what every liquid STEEM and SBD you have available to bring you closer to minnowhood.

Please do check my account and the account of @steemcommunity for tasks. Right now, there is a task on @steemcommunity to write a post about Steem witness and there are a few witnesses going to support that.

Also don’t forget to use partiko as they will be giving a few of the #tenkminnows some extra delegation and you can use partiko point for extra votes on your posts. You can find out more about that on my account.

Actifit are also looking at posts with #tenkminnows so don’t be afraid to use the actifit app and you can also swap actifit tokens for points. are also looking at post from #tenkminnows, if you would like to post via steempress and don’t have a wordpress website, let me know and I can allow you post from mine.

Don’t forget to use #tenkminnows tag once a day. 9 Days is not long, lets get you over the line. This is a final big big push.

Finally if you have not yet voted for @steemcommunity as one of you steem witnesses, I do hope that you will give us some consideration.


Thank you @paulag for your encouragement... I'm proud to be part of your project and I'll be happy to reach the final goal after 9 days.

I'm trying to publish every day, but I can't comment and continue because the internet right now is pretty bad.

I will start using Actifit and partiko application as soon as possible.
I'm using a proxy @abh12345 . More than a year ago, I trust him a lot, and I think he's doing a great job.

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