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The ancients, who were rather little assholes, lived in an economy where barter was the most common of the measurements. With time, the logistics of the coñazo was seeing cornered, because the obligation to change one good for another, was something that strongly disliked the participants.

Some isolated mind-possibly autistic-gave the thought in its idle hours, with the intention of solving a problem that affected many. The idea was simple: to think of a mechanism accepted by all that would allow shelving to barter.

And that's how money was born.

First they were simple abstractions, but then the wheels of history, made it advance to the metals and paper money. Money has always been an abstract representation, a mechanism created by the mind of man, with the intention of solving the commercial problems of the individual.

Habitually, this money, mechanism of exchange without more, had been born in societies married with the misery, where only kings and noble enjoyed decent subsistence. It was not a weapon in itself, let alone a desired good. Little by little, as the technique advanced, the bourgeoisie was gaining weight, and with it, money gained prominence in human lives, being king in the existence of many.

Start here, the mundane petty-bourgeois thoughts.

The polygamist does not love, because as he abandons a female, he is already waiting for his encounter with the next one. Their lack of love is built on abundance, because what one has in excess, is valued rather little. Something similar affects money, which to be valued must be scarce, and so, in its existence, it has governed its value under the pattern of precious metals, such as gold and silver, so that if these are scarce, money will also it will be.

However, humans, we are friends of flying near the sun, and as it happened to Icarus, the usual thing is that its rays burn our wings.

In this burn, normally of the first degree, it gives us to play to be gods, to believe that the world is our farmhouse, and to make the ticket printer work at all. The first step for this, stride in the process of destruction, is to unlink the coin from the precious materials, which, as we have said before, are called gold and silver.

The moment the union unravels, the healthy limits of the universe are erased, giving way to the riding of the riders of the disease.

Today in the world there is more money than ever, without that the queen opulence decides to pay us a visit. The debt is the main companion, an inescapable presence in our trips around the globe. If there is a problem, the photocopier of the dollar can get going-the electricity supply is unlimited-giving paper money to the willing crowd.

One day, the curtain decides to fall and the illusion sees all its masks on the floor.

The uncertainty will be the only possible companion of the future. As artists, we are friends to carry in our company, a palette of colors with the most varied layers, where we can apply a tone or another to reality. I do not deceive you, I am a friend of dark grays, because blacks and whites are exaggerated when I am an enemy of extremes. Nor, considering my visual perception, and the flow of information received by my retinas, can I be in favor of a great clarity, because the ambient tones are responsible for denying it.

With this, I find myself standing before the quagmire, waiting for an unexpected turn of events. Meanwhile, the downcast, lucid and cunning look, without much fear or hope awaits the harrowing caresses of the future, which promise to be harmful.

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