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If you take a walk through modern sociology you will see that, in our gentrified and soft society, a new type of character has been born: the geek. He is a healthy-minded individual, endowed with a rich imagination and fond of avoiding social relationships. Among his tastes, anime proliferate, videogames and drawing, everything that puts the paradises of the inner life before the hells of reality.

And for a long time ... this has been pathetic.

The frivolous, conventional society, friend of dictating some norms of behavior penalizing others, has established during long years, that the destinies of the geek were the ostracism and the darkness. I was only allowed to go out once a year for the Cometcon, or maybe get lost in the smoke of a Groove bar.

Over time, things changed.

The new society, fed up with the dictates of the convention, preferred to stop feigning and extracting the heart from its shells, pushing towards the skies the sensitive and imaginative image of the geek. With the passage of months, then years, progressed from being a spoil that no one wanted close to a cool attitude that novices imitated, with the consequent degradation of the character.

And to all this, there is the theme of the imagination.

We live in a world where convergent thinking dominates all layers of society. His castrating scissors, going into action from childhood, leaving their spots in the form of routine and automated adults.

What would happen if it were different? Maybe our life was different.

Imagination, powerful power from intuitions, is seen as something ridiculous and childish, a pathology to be cured by society. Therefore, who manage to keep it alive despite the years, are branded as weird and crazy bugs without remedy. However, and because of my love of contradicting myself, I must say that an imaginative life is the greatest gift that a person can make to himself, since it frees him from the surrounding mudflats.

And how? Now you will know.

Where others only see 8 hours of flat work, the imaginative sees the option of obtaining rents from nothing, with comfortable and small investments made from his austere and dirty house; At first the gains are few, but like wrinkles, they accumulate and allow the individual to improve their situation. In the creative field, we would not do anything without the imaginative, because they play music to the noise of our lives and paint the grays of happy colors. We could follow the list, but I have delicate lips and my intention is not to felar too much.

Therefore, the next time you are reviled by your imagination and reserve, raise your forehead proud, it is your attitude, contemplative and discreet, has allowed the orb to taste the sweetest honeys.

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