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Francophone: accent that reaffirms in his masculinity to who listens without speaking.

Brake: security mechanism that usually does not activate once we fall down.

Coldness: self-control. Quality that separates us from the savage violence and materialization of various crimes. If these should take place equally, let it be through thorough study and not animal instinct.

Refrigerator: corner where to establish the camp once begins with his attacks the sullen summer heat.

Frivolity: content that fills social interactions like air containers.

Border: imaginary line defended by real rifles and soldiers of flesh and bone.

Fronton: sport where the calluses that inhabit the hands do not come from fishing or masturbation, at least, not in its entirety.

Frustration: feeling evaporated from life once the children appear. At that moment, you can project on them the various evils that torment your psyche, thus solving your tragic and varied problems.

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