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Guild: place where we meet with the affines at the expense of excluding the different. The previous behavior is also an indisputable sign of sociability.

Crack: open break in hearts after the slow running of time.

Shout: energy stream that gushes out of the heart. By this characteristic, usually declares the war to its powerful enemy the reason.

Scythe: country contraption that uses death to collect what is left over.

War: some desire sometimes become reality and transformed into a nightmare materializes.

2-Large-scale violence; inevitable consequence of living; brazen eroticism and stark in the dances of life and death.

Warrior: being able to conquer the qualification of intelligent, in case of practicing war due to absence of alternatives or obtaining enjoyment during it. If on the other hand, he takes warlike attitudes motivated by noble causes, we are undoubtedly before a profound idiot.

Ghetto: ideal place to start a new life low in costs, with the added bonus of feeling the excitement and spontaneity provided by the environment.

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