I want to be a minnow!

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Under my newest post @slobberchops has made me aware of the initiative 10'000 minnows.
I think this initiative is a good thing because more minnows helps everyone.
The voting and thus also the reward distribution is decentralized and probably more different authors will be rewarded for their work. I have been on steemit since May 2017 and unfortunately still haven't reached the 500 SP mark.

But I'm proud to say that I've never bought votes before and I don't intend to sell my Steem Power =)
Thanking I accept the upvotes for the #TenKMinnows initiative =D

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Good luck :D I will resteem later to chip in !


Thanks mate!

Hi @grider123, great you got back to me. Keep your eyes peeled and please follow @pennsif, @paulag and @steevc as they are the leaders of this incentive. Good to hear your don't buy votes as that's a pet hate of mine.

Good to have you on board. I hope that we can make a lot of new minnows in the near future for all of the points that you had above. Keep watching out for more details and we will help you get there.

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Looking forward to helping you surpass that goal! This will be a trend that will assist your momentum in growing your account!

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Remind me, then: What exactly is a "minnow"? (@steevc brought me here.)

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It is someone with at least 500 SP. 5000 makes you a dolphin

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I've up-voted your post as part of this initiative while it is still small and I can reasonably do manual votes, however those who want bigger votes on a daily basis would be advised to join my daily games because that is where I concentrate my vote power. Participation in these games takes very little time each day and it would be nice to get a bigger community of gamers going. I think earning Steem while having fun should be more widely known and adopted than it is.


Thanks. Didn't know about your games =D


Now you do and hopefully others will slowly catch on as well.

Great to have you on board. We'll help you get to minnow


Thanks a lot! You got a new follower =)


Cheers. I'd suggest you give your votes to others who are trying to get to minnow. I get plenty anyway. Have fun.

You will reach there bro. Its also my desire


Thanks and good luck!


You're getting very close to 500SP though! Good luck with getting there ;)


Thanks =)

welcome and best of luck - we will be watching the data and over the next 4 weeks we hope to help you reach minnowhood. steem on


Thanks a lot!

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hi @grinder123 and welcome onboard- awesome to hear you want to hold minnow status- we are going to help push you that way over the next month. :-)


Thank you!

Got discord? And I'll help you earn more and get moving!

Had help myself and getting a group together to really make a difference.

Would love to have you and help you out!

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Not at the moment. Which server are you using?
Have you got an invite for me? =)

Congrats on being part of this great project!

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