CoinBase CEO, Brian Armstrong Shares Thoughts On Crypto Mass Adoption.

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In his latest AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, Brian Armstrong of Coinbase, named the three things crytocurrencies need to address before they can reach the level of mass adoption. Brian said that cryptocurrencies will reach its next level by improving scalability and usability, while reducing volatility.
He is well pleased with the efforts run by at least 10 companies one of them is Lightning Network to improve scalability, while prodding the crypto community to improve the usability of cryptocurrencies. Currently, there are too many steps a user needs to make to get involved with cryptocurrency. He also mentioned that volatility should also be improved in order to attract more institutional investors, that way more money would come to the space, therefore more developments can be executed.

Watch at the start of this video how he answered this question during Coinbase's AMA session:

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