Btc China will stop all Bitcoin trading

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Good night all

How are you doing this night, hopefully I will still be enthusiastic in writing, today I read the news about bitcoin in China and my post this time wants to draw conclusions from this information
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Btc prices fell after Btcchina had planned to stop all trade in the bamboo curtain country, even though this statement had not yet appeared it seems that the decline in bitcoin prices confirmed plans to be carried out by China
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Even though it was all just a plan but it caused a lot of concern among Bitcoin investors, the reason is that until now China is the largest country in the world as a contributor to Bitcoin transactions, because as many as 23% of the world's bitcoin trading comes from Chinese investors

On Thursday yesterday Btcchina, which was one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world, announced that it would stop all trading operations at the end of September, after the announcement the market responded quickly so that the price of bitcoin dropped to the level of USD3,545 / Btc but the announcement allowed that the financial regulator in China banned Bitcoin exchanges and official announcements from the Chinese government have not been announced
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that's a little info that I know good night, good rest, and if there are any mistakes, I'm sorry

By @anitacarolina

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