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RE: Ten Days of Reflection, day seven – Cat Figurine

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I really want to make a 3D image but I can't, because the study design is very hard, anybody want to teach I will be very happy!!
Thanks for sharing @lightsplasher


It is very hard to learn and study. I quit focusing so much on 3D graphics after XP was dropped and I could not justify purchasing all kinds of upgrades to high cost software. I might try to make some tutorials on open source software if I get the chance. There are many free packages that I would like to get more familiar with.

Thanks @lightsplasher,
If anything, you'd like to share the package are you referring to me?

omg...what a beautiful 3D art dear friend @lightplasher , i love your post,,, Really
Your art is unrivaled,,,

wow beautiful art dear @lightsplasher
I like it...all time your post dear
I @resteem your post dear

That would be nice. Beautiful 3D and looking real like someone up there said. U like the fact that you think you can even do better on it. I'm picking up some art/software jargon here and hopefully will be putting some into practice, thanks!