Contest: Ten Male First Names in my Close Family, One is a Lie

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We have a winner: @isellbooks

See updates 1 & 2 at the bottom

Ten Male First Names in my Close Family, One is a Lie


My close family includes many people:

  • My mother had 11 children and have 35 grandchildren. The number of her great grandchildren is even bigger. It changes every month, so I don't know the exact number.
  • Both my parents were from a big family: 11 and 10 children, so I have more than 70 first cousins, and those have even more children.

This is a list of male first names. 9 are real first names on birth certificates from my close family, one is not.











To participate in this contest you need to reply before Tuesday October 3rd at Noon (Pacific Time) with

  1. the first name that you think nobody in my close family has
  2. the $ value of this post as displayed Thursday October 5th at Noon (Pacific Time)

Only one entry reply per person and no update. Anybody that sends several entry replies or updates their entry reply will be disqualified.
You can make as many non entry replies as you want.

Of course, members of my family are not allowed to participate in this contest.

The winner will need to answer accurately to 1 and be the closest for 2.

The prize will be the liquid award of this post.

Good luck. Start your engines.


The period to send entry replies has ended.

There are 49 valid entries.

9 first names have at least 2 entries.

Only Gabriel has a single entry. But it is not the right answer. Sorry @tuhermanayyo.
Gabriel is the first name of one of my nephews.

In two days, we will know the winning entries.

If you think that you have the correct answer for the first name, if that would help you, it is still time, if you have powerful friends, to increase the $ value of the post!


On Thursday October 5th, at 12:00 noon, the $ value of this post as displayed was $61.39.

The correct answer to 1 was Léon.
There were 3 entries for Léon and @isellbooks had the lowest answer to 2: $83.13, so he or she was the closest and thus the winner.

Congratulations, @isellbooks, you will received the liquid rewards of this post tomorrow.
(did you get some help from @jsock? ;-)

Gabriel, Clément, Amance, Valentin, Alexis and Louis are first names of some of my nephews.
Axel and Martin are first names of two of my first cousins.
Thomas is the first name of one of my grandnephews.


That is a very cool wrinkle to make this more interesting.

  1. Thomas
  2. $1,000,000 (I'm expecting a really huge pump this weekend :) )

I vote for @hanshotfirst as a winner, simply for his ultra postive outlook on things!!

I would, but we all know the bounty hunter shot first.

Stop spreading lies!!!!! ;-P

That would be quite the pump!

1.- Martin
2.- $99.67

Any reply with just a first name is not considered an entry.

An entry must include two elements: 1: a first name from the list 2: an estimate of the $ value of this post as it will be displayed on Steemit on Thursday October 5th at Noon (Pacific Time).


  1. Marcel 2. $75.33
  1. Louis
  2. $101.63

Saint Louis ^^

I think Clement is a lie:)

1 - Amance
2 - 112.58 $

Good luck all ✌

  1. Axel

  2. 101.30

  1. Axel
  2. $84.52

1 Amance

2 18.55

I choose axel lel

Very good post @vcelier . . Thankyou for sharing

Should get to someone staying near you 😃

  1. Axel 2 . $396
  1. Alexis
  2. $160

1.Thomas 2.$112


  1. Valentin
  2. 90$

good post

Good post @vcelier! So many relatives. Family reunions must be awesome!



  1. Martin
  2. $367.54


Your family is very much. May always be happy and live a harmonious life

great job in the publication your explanation is very clear and concise @vcelier

  1. I think that no-one will be called Axel.

  2. The value of this post will be $89.32.

I really like Valentin as a name, it has a splendid appeal!

That is a huge family!

hahahahah I guessed Axel also!
Though I put down $111. So we shall see!

ahahahaha It is!

We are both bound to be terribly disappointed but its all part of the game!

Unless we have no attachment and expectation ;-)>

Yes, that is the right way to think of it! :O)

Of course it is ;-)>

  1. Axel
  2. $125.25

Hey vcelier,

We didn't track your pick because you haven't registered with SportSteem.

To register just include #sportsteem in your next prediction post and you'll be on the team!

After that, you can tag just like you did here: ten
  1. Amance
  2. $101.79

Wow. That's a big family! My grandparents on my mom's side each had 11 brothers and sisters. Back then it was common!

My Guess is:


Entry :

  1. Alexis
  2. $335. 95



  1. Alexis
  2. 81,35$





What a family! I have two sibblings and each has 4 kids. So as a party it looks huge by todays standards! But compared with your family, we are tiny!!

My guess is:
Valentin; $93.39





111.05 $

I choose Axel and think the post value will be $157.

Have a great day! Hope to hear from you soon! :)

Valentín 89.99

Hmmmm I am going to guess Axel!

Lots of interesting names but going to go with this one! If its not that one its Alexis but gonna stick with Axel!

Oppps now I see I am supposed to leave a number too....So....

  1. Axel
  2. $111
  1. Louis

  2. $111.13

(Also accounting for Steem rising. 😎 )

You have a big family 👍

  1. Alexis 2. 128

Martin. $92.62

  1. Louis 2. $83.25

Congratulations, you are the winner..




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