Templo, a project that seeks to value your trust and good work with your contribution.

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293 days of being a witness to the hard work of the temple community. An organization that began with certain scandals for having obtained an important delegation from witness @cervantes in one of its monthly contests of delegation to Spanish-speaking communities.

More than a year has passed, and @templo has proven to be a home, an important space, and a project by and for the community.

This project began with the objective of being a community of proxy vows. Hand in hand with its founder @jvb71 and his team (90% of them Venezuelans), this project has grown so much that today for a considerable time has evolved and restructured.

As a user, I have been benefited with a considerably high vote in relation to the small delegation with which I started to be part of this project. However, as curator and now templo ambassador, I witness that this organization is born to make a difference between different communities and projects by delegation.

Templo: Solidary

To highlight one of them, and which I consider one of the most important, is the creation of a humanitarian fund, which consists of 10% of the proceeds of each report of publications voted on the day. A humanitarian fund that is at the disposal of any user or certified humanitarian project that demonstrates its real commitment to help. It should be noted that the funds raised so far are not much for the votes obtained, but the initiative is valuable.

Travels and culture
Cinema and music
Varied topics
Nature and pets

Over time, it ceased to be a project only by delegation, to become a community to value the publications with @acropolis. I must emphasize that the mission is arduous because it wants and has been achieved to cover various topics, from new users (introduceyourself), to art, photography, music, literature, animals, travel, culture, among many others.

Templo as a curation organization, has remained among the top 20 best curators in the Spanish label between weeks according to @boddhisattva statistics. Which assures us that despite covering a large number of topics, we do not abandon the Venezuelan community, leader of the Spanish label. We feel very pleased to know that our small vote helps every Venezuelan user that today passes calamities, and is among our greatest desire to be able to continue helping them with more important votes.

That is why Templo is constantly looking for important delegations, remembering that it has not ceased to be a project by delegation that daily votes at a higher % than many other projects by delegation. This with the aim of being an attractive organization to reward the help they give us with their delegations. Same delegation with which we carry out daily curation of different themes, taking optimal care of our voting power to always give the best of the best both to those who delegate and to each artist and user who deposits their quality work to be valued.

We are grateful for each and every one of the small users who have placed their trust in delegations, as well as those users and important projects that every day support our cause, work and passion to give the best of the best.

Templo lives with faith towards help, that is why our team of workers is mostly from Venezuela, that is to say, that in different perspectives we want to serve as relief for those people who are part of us.

@templo delega some breath to grow...

@Templo is open to serve for those who want to grow and have talent, so they have an important project for new users, in which they can get a small delegation and temple votes to cover the minimum required to obtain the membership of omega (minimum 100 sp), of course, this requires a commitment of part and part.

There are so many things that templo has been able to achieve with the passing of time, although it was and still is a hard road, today we have almost 36k in delegations, alliances with Spanish speaking communities and the support of @steempress through its trail.

We have many reasons why we should continue to contribute small grains of sand to this ecosystem, and without a doubt the community is what gives life to a project, that is why we are grateful again for the support, and we want to continue receiving your trust through your delegations, that you are witnesses of our good work, and that among you through our work you can grow alongside us and among all, remembering that quality and excellence is the secret of our success.

If you are reading this, or have been invited to read it, we want to let you know that we are not interested in participating in contests where power is delegated to a community, we want you to witness our integral work and arduous performance.

If you want to be a member, if you have any way to support us in votes, trail or delegation, we would appreciate it with our work.

Extra information of interest.

Steem Outgoing Votes: Templo
Steem Outgoing Votes: Acropolis

The best Spanish-speaking community by delegation of Steemit :)


Que alegría tan grande es pertenecer a esta hermosa comunidad! es un honor.

Muy duro el trabajo y muchas horas dedicadas a que funcione un proyecto que se apoya en las grandes delegaciones para ayudar a la comunidad y en las pequeñas para devolver ese esfuerzo en forma de voto, intentamos dar trabajo remunerado a quien se ha interesado por el siempre desde nuestro humilde presupuesto, hemos intentado concursos de arte digital, de literatura, de fotografía, hemos intentado ayudar a crecer a nuevos usuarios, nuestros votos no se limitan a la delegación y por eso diariamente votamos blogs externos, apoyamos a las comunidades que asi se han ofrecido y lo hacemos con votos, publicidad y colaboraciones. Cierto, una parte del ingreso queda para necesidades de la comunidad y por supuesto aunque votamos cualquier blog en cualquier idioma la base de nuestro equipo es venezolano y español. Buscamos crecer con delegaciones que nos permitan dar mayores votos y en mayor número pero no entraremos en competiciones que puedan generar controversias, no pedimos publicidad a los usuarios porque solo podemos ofrecer nuestro trabajo, por cierto, el proyecto no nace de la nada, hay un gran esfuerzo económico personal tras el y el apoyo de un gran witness. Gracias a todos y esperamos vuestra ayuda para seguir creciendo.

Esta tremendo todo el empeño que le estan poniendo, y es un placer ver como la comunidad de hispanohablantes avanza a este ritmo

Templo is a community that has demonstrated a commitment to the Spanish and English speaking community. I know that little by little they will be reaping new successes! Greetings to the team!

Congratulations Templo, i´m proud to receive the support in my posts, excellent work for to build the steemit community an kindly space.

Sin duda un gran proyecto y personalmente me siento muy contento con todo el apoyo que he recibido del gran equipo de @templo.

Since I heard about that super delegation and the support received from @cervantes, I called the attention to this project, and as I saw the number of good people who were part of it, do not hesitate a minute to support with a small contribution of SP delegate, and I hope to continue doing so, as it grows, without hesitation, is one of the best projects that currently has #Steemit.

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Mucho trabajo y tiempo para hacer crecer una comunidad @roadstories

espectacular trabajo hermanito de verdad da gusto ver como la comunidad hispanohablante avanza

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