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Every consumer wants to buy only quality products. But concerning this, the products must go through a reliable door-to-door supply system.

But existing supply chains have many problems; among them we can see a disruption between the chain links, different pollutions of the products, violations of the storage time, different versions of bar-coding, and etc. And this is not the tip of the iceberg.

The most important things are that a control system isn’t regulated as a whole, and there is no good automatic systematization in supply chains. These facts lead to the disconnections between of participants in the logistic process and lots of violations.

Large companies are able to manage supply chains better than small one, but also not so perfectly as they wish. There are also failures in the working system.

The project TEMCO creates the new supply chain system thanks to innovative technologies on the blockchain, and also it eliminates all barriers between participants. In this system, consumers would receive such high-quality product which they ordered. At the same time all companies will operate more effectively.

What actions does the project suggest for creating the new supply chain system?

The team suggestions consist of six main decisions for solving problems of a supply blockchain:

  1. Information connection in the supply chain infrastructure – TEMCO increases the supply confidence and the speed of distribution. Information is available on an each stage of the logistics process. Their management system includes the whole complex for client service. This applies to both small and large enterprises;

  2. Smart solutions – TEMCO satisfies clients with data-centric solutions in the distribution and deliveries. They use Smart Contracts for connecting clients in real time. This leads to the stability;

  3. High connectivity – TEMCO uses the blockchain abilities for accessing the platform in anytime all over the world. This connectivity is available for huge number of clients. And the system will work without restrictions and network failure;

  4. System reliability – Users can enter into the system after passing the strong verification. All information will be linked and collected without losses. Participants will receive data very soon and fully safety;

  5. Transparency and stability – the P2P network, blockchain storages, the decentralized service, special nodes and other specific keys will create the most stability supply chain system;

  6. High effects of actions – TEMCO has the most efficiency in its work. It can not only recognize the received information, but also analyze it. People do not invest huge money and pay high costs. Companies can work productively.

Besides, clients can receive not only the public, but and the private blockchain.

What technologies does the team use on the TEMCO platform?

The technical structure includes three data levels:

  1. Upload;

  2. Retry;

  3. Display.

The team use POW, P2P, Smart contracts, Hashing, Back-end processes, different nodes and others technical specifics.

See more over materials in the document: https://docsend.com/view/eiawynp

The technical architecture looks very briefly on the scheme:

The main platform value is the token TEMCO.

Briefly about the internal coin

Token TEMCO is a reward for the participating in the community life, and it is the main coin for payments.

Its characteristics are following:

  1. Base – the platform RSK;

  2. Price per 1 coin – 0.006333 USD;

  3. Accepting for coins – BTC and ETH;

  4. Soft-hard cap – 5-19 million USD;

  5. KYC – necessary;

  6. Whole supply – 6 billion.

Other official information: https://www.temco.io/

The project ratings and conclusions

Different expert sites show the good attitude to the TEMCO. ICObench, Icorating, Trackico and others have already given the score over 4.5. And this is very good result for the project.

TEMCO created the new public supply chain system where participants have an opportunity to connect with each other and manage the supply process with regards to the private or public blockchain. Their platform launch will be in 2019. And it will work at full capacity in 2020.

So only one conclusion you could draw from all of this. This project will be very beneficial.

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This project really impressed me, the information was selected as it should! I think it is waiting for a promising future !!

I want to add that the project is actually interesting, I learned a lot of interesting things from your article.

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