"Telstar 18" ... the Russian World Cup

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The World Federation of Football (FIFA) today unveiled the official football of the World Cup in Russia next year, which is named "Telstar 18".

FIFA's official website has posted a picture of the ball to be played at the World Cup, featuring a new design using state-of-the-art technology.

"I was lucky to get to know this ball earlier, I tried it and I liked the new design, the colors and everything," Viva quoted Argentine captain Lionel Messi, who attended the ball, as saying.

Telstar 18, produced by the German company Adidas, Brazuca (Brazil 2014), Japolani (South Africa 2010) and the famous ball Timgist (Germany 2006).

Telstar inspired its design from the ball, which was also officially adopted in the 1970 Mexico World Cup and West Germany 1974, which was the "star of television" of its time. The first ball was designed to be adorned with black plates.

The ball is to be used for the first time during the friendly between Argentina and Argentina on Saturday at the opening of the new Olympic Stadium in Moscow, which will host the final of the Russian World Cup.


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