what is vapaee cooking for telos behind the scenes?

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Hello, how have you been? I have been really very busy and I have not been able to dedicate time to tell you how things are going. But it's about time...

In the past few months (hopefully for many more months) I have been working with the Caleos-BP group. Very warm and talented people with whom I feel very comfortable working every day. That has me learning a lot but very busy too. However, that has not stopped it from slowly moving forward on the projects previously presented. This is a small advance.


This year I have dedicated a good part of my time to building this mobile app in association with the Koinonos group. It is a wallet for native tokens on Telos with integrated swap, payments using QR, staking and more.

Here is a link to an interactive prototype made with screenshots. This prototype is based on the previous version and does not have the latest advances (which I will leave for a future post).


The SWAP section of the Kwallet uses the Vapaée DEX services for the swap and payments.

Vapaée DEX

This year I have also dedicated a lot of time, not only to restore but also to modernize the old Vapaée DEX that I had to abandon for personal reasons.


This is how it looks today.

One of the many new features it has is the swap with multi-step paths, which allows you to exchange any pair of tokens by making the corresponding jumps. At the same time, the evolution of the relative price of the first token against the second is calculated and graphed at the side.



Unfortunately, this is all I have for sharing with you today. but I'll be posting a fully functional alpha version against testnet shortly so everyone can try it out before it's released next year.

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