Vapaée Telos DEX v3.1.1 released

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I'm happy to announce that Vapaée Telos DEX v3.1.1 is finally released and here you can check all the new features.

As you may probably know, this work is funded by a worker proposal (WP#12) in the Telos network and the third and last cycle just started. Here's the claim action over the previous cycle that I pushed two days ago:

In the time that has passed since the last version delivery, many members of the community had reached me out with concerns about the future of the DEX.

In one hand, there were concerns about the liquidity being splitted too much if many DEXs deploys on Telos. On the other hand, there were concerns about Vapaée brand along with the dark theme and user experience. In other words, the UI could be much better.

I'm a systems engineer and a very good at it, but I'm not that good at designing or marketing. And given that I certainly love this Telos blockchain and community, I decided to do what's best for all. So I will renounce ownership of the smart contract and adapt it to be part of the Telos core contract group.

This way, we can have an "official" DEX smart contract to concentrate all the liquidity and at the same time promote the creation of great private UI for the same DEX by redirecting earning to the UI creators.

This big change now forms part of the third part of the WP#12 that is being now receiving votes. So if you like the idea of having Vapáee DEX just as one of many UI for the same main DEX's smart contract, please vote for this WP#12 !!!

To read more about the work that is going to be done, please check this link:


Great job!

This is interesting, would you be interested in creating a similar DEX on the SNAX blockchain?

We really need some added value to the platform. SNAX is a fork of EOS so would be easy to port over.

I think it should be possible with the help from @viterbo as he is already doing for TLOS. He can re-use his code (though he is very busy with TLOS)

Great work! Very cool to see a DEX on a chain so new! Steem still needs wallets with built in dex, hopefully @fireboxwallet can help as a @vessel fork with steem engine and exchange. SQRL on TELOS can generate free accounts and we can send steemians 1 telos thanks to @ackza for anyone who wants to signup

Telos Discord

@anarcist69 is it possible to have TLOS as PEGGED asset in STEEM ENGINE? TLOS is based on EOSIO (similar to Snax).


It would be easy enough. I would need a node that have the history plugin enabled. And the coding would be extremely similar.

If needed, you may also utilize Telos WPS (Worker Proposal System) any help help from Telo Foundadtion or Telos DApp Channel.

@viterbo Snax/EOSIO has now PEGGED asset in STEEM ENGINE. "anarcist69" did it for Snax/EOSIO and I am sure he can help to do it for TLOS..


Great Work 👏 👏 👍

YES man i love seeing built in DEX!!! lets get PEGGED assets on telos! Lets get STEEM ENGINE TOKENS pegged and on telos too! ima get Telos pegged on Steem engine as well!

Exciting times for telos!!! TELOS for SCHOOLS aka TEACH seems really cool!!!! and telosdac im buying. but telos for univresities thats gonan be big!!!!

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