Vapaée DEX - WP#12 report

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Vapaée DEX - PREMIUM v2.0.6


I'm two weeks behind the original proposal schedule.

Part of it was because of personal problems but another big part was because I tried to implement Lynx wallet integration. Something that was not on the plan and gave me a lot of extra work (still not working).

Ahead, I have a delivery of a new version of Vapaée DEX scheduled in two weeks, an effort originally planned to be done in four weeks. So I have to focus and not get distracted.

Known Issues

I'm having some rare issues on the communication with the wallets to sign transactions. It is difficult to describe because I am still unclear what combination of conditions must be met for the invocation of a concrete action to fail.

In my case, I uninstalled Scatter and deleted all the config files (in ubuntu delete /home/viter/.config/scatter folder) and installed a fresh scatter and it worked perfectly.

However, I couldn't make it work with any version of Sqrl, not even a clean install. So there's must be some incompatibility between the new version of ScatterJS and Sqrl. I will check it out when I can.

Next Steps

This two next weeks I will be focusing only on new features for DELUXE version in order to try to catch up with the schedule. So I will not give Lynx any attention (and maybe turn back to the old ScatterJS version to try to recover SQRL wallet communication but I'm not dedicating more than 2hrs if not working).

I want to have more integration with all wallets as it can be done, but this is something I will be focusing after I finish some of the promised work. So, more latter that sooner, but you can count on this to work in the future.


As always, thanks to everybody who's supporting my work. Please continue voting for my WP#12, I will continue working hard on this project for everyone.


Overcoming problems is great value to Telos community Viter - don't discount this aspect of what you are doing.

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Well done 👍🏽 I’ll keep my eyes on your efforts from now! Following you already. Expect my votes for your #WPs from my SQRL

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