The big return

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Hello, everyone!! So much time since I wrote my last article...

As you can tell by the history of this vlog, I started working for Telos Blockchain a long ago. I started with just a project of mine, but then I worked with many people on their own projects while keeping mine and creating new ones. It was crazy cool and it kept me so excited and busy at the same time. I miss those days...

My major success was the Vapaée DEX, which was presented as a Working Proposal with three milestones, two of which were completely delivered and worked quite fine. The third and last part was changed at the last time from the original proposal to become this DEX into a DAO where Telos holders get to decide how the system should work. But unfortunately, I never got to finish and deliver that final version.

Back then, I had my full-time job which I depended on, plus all this extra work ended up exploding in my face without a warning, causing me personal issues that end up destroying me completely. To make matters worse, a few months later the pandemic hit, and my world just fell apart. I lost the strength to go on...

However, I continued adding work sometimes until the point of finishing the smart contract part of the solution (you can see details in my last post). But the UI was getting obsolete and had to be updated, the Scatter wallet was no longer working plus all the new features that must be added seemed like a mountain to me... I just couldn't... and the system slowly started to die...

But now everything has changed. I gathered some money and quit my job to pursue my dreams. I want to go back to those days and dedicate all my work to Telos again. And what excites me most is that this time I'm not alone.

During that period of uncertainty, I meet this incredible guy, a very talented young developer who ended up becoming one of my best friends. Guille started working with me and I teach him the basics of Telos. But the guy is so good, he went from Zero to Hero in a few months and now he's working for the Telos Foundation helping with development at the core of the system. I received the same offer to join the team, but I prefer to stay independent because I think I have a lot more to offer this way.

Now we are preparing together a new Working Proposal that will blow your mind, and that is the next big project we are bringing to Telos. In the midtime, I'm going to finish some other Telos projects that you are not aware of yet and I will tell you about them in my next posts.

In advantage:

  • What happened with the old Vapaée DEX? (and all the tokens locked inside)
  • What's the future that DEX?
  • Koinonos (Kwallet)

If you want to receive updates about this topics or have any questions, find me at

See you in the next one!!

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