Part 1 done - The migration of vapaeetokens

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How's it going? dear Telos community! I bring you information about the state of development of the new version of Vapaée DEX.

Old version

As some of the most veterans will know, the old version of Vapaée DEX consisted of a single very complex contract that contained all the tables and functionalities of the system. You could create and manage your own tokens and then register them or register tokens from other contracts to be exchanged between peers on an order book. All in a single smart contract, self-managed using the Scatter wallet.

New version

For this new version, many designs and implementation changes were made and one of them was to apply the "divide and conquer" strategy. We decided to divide the single contract of the old system into several different contracts which divide tasks and responsibilities. They interact with each other to achieve and even improve the services provided by the old system.

This new design proposes several contracts that interact with each other through the consumption of services (API) that each contract exposes. In this way, not only are the same services obtained as before but also in the combination of small, more granular actions, much more complex and automated actions can be generated. For example, you can make every time your system receives payment, send it to the DEX to exchange it for your token, and then perform an airdrop on its holders. This is just an example of the complex behaviors you can achieve by combining these microservices. I will talk more in-depth in future posts.


All that redesign work also comes with the work of migrating from the old system to the new one, without losing anyone's money. The good news is that this work has already been done successfully. In the previous post I listed the transactions of the self-withdrawals that were performed to return the money to the users and then major contract modifications were made too.

As a result, at this moment the vapaeetokens contract contains only the two tables necessary for a standard asset and the actions corresponding to a simple token. All tables were dropped and the smart contract code was reduced significantly.

Where are we going?

The contracts of the new design will be displayed on the test net and then on the main net. The new design of the website must be published to accompany the changes and to be able to interact with the new contracts.

All this work is already well advanced in terms of coding. Only the last adjustments are missing to have the new Vapaée DEX system operational on Telos

If you have any questions, please contact us in our telegram group at

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