The cost is only the RAM you need to store all the text you write when you register the token. No costs in TLOS or any other token needed.

Oh i see we can finally create tokens since you posted the video!

I like that we can easily create telos tokens

i see they are all under the vapaee dex smart contract, in the future we can work with @someguy123 of @privex and you can have your form that creates tokens, used by maybe you can striek a deal with @aggroed and @privex one day in the future when we need to automate the creation of tokens on telos, and eos since your system will work perfectly with eos if it works on telos.

You are very close to something HUGE here man... if you can allow people to own their own smart contract that your creating tokens from, you can really sell this service to big companies game companies etc anyone who needs a token.

ANYWAY good job man this is incredible progress you deserve more telos form the WPS!

I wish i would have seen this to reesteem! i saw it late

i will repost about cards n tokens to @battleaxe and @reverendrum and @sportstalksocial people

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