Matsuo - The Telos Squirrel

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The new EOSio Central portal.

We're in the process of developing a new portal EOSio Central, and we're planning to migrate the Telos Central web directory to this portal. In the meantime, you can play Matsuo, as well as look at the BP Votes from a different perspective with our animated charts. The new portal will be hosted on a new, separate domain as make the transition.



Matsuo is a simple, Telos themed game and is a fun and different way to learn about Telos.

The game is playable directly in the browser and should be compatible with most computers without any issues, but if you do notice any bugs, please inform us on our Telegram channel.

Navigate your way through the 12 levels, each one focusing on a different aspect of Telos.

As you complete levels, they will become available for choosing on the main page, so you can just continue from the latest level if you've depleted all your lives and it's game over.


The game will scale automatically based on the window size of your browser, but try to keep the window size on a 3:2 ratio, 3 width and 2 height to prevent any weird issues regarding the scaling of the text, etc.
After resizing your window, just refresh the page in order to reload the game parameters based on the new window size.


Matsuo gets tired when jumping, so keep an eye on your jump power, which is displayed in the middle of the screen at the top. Eating nuts will help to keep your power up. You can fully revitalize your power though by drinking a blue, Telos Water droplet. This can be done by pressing R when your jump power is below 75%. You will see an indication on the power bar once you're below 75%.

Watch out for the bears, they're quick and love squirrels for dinner. Falling into a snake pit is lethal and so is falling from great heights.

Staying on the platforms is a great way to avoid bears, but they can drain your power quickly as a lot of jumping is required, so make sure you keep on eating those nuts.


The aim of the game is learning about Telos, so visit the information point and go through the info displayed. You'll be asked a question related to the information once you reach the squirrel wizard Chūemon.



Telos Central.

Matsuo, the new EOSio Portal and the Telos Central Web Directory are all projects that are funded from our BP earnings in an effort to market the Telos blockchain and help grow our community, so please support us by voting for TelosCentral so that we can continue to add value to Telos.
We deliberately made the decision not to apply for funding in the form of a worker proposal due to the falling token price, so can really use your support.

EOSio Central
Telos Central.

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