Telos History API on Elasticsearch cluster

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EOS Tribe have synchronized Telos Blockchain History to our Elasticsearch cluster, and now provides History API with additional options of data ranges based on technology implemented for EOS Blockchain.

New History API is available on endpoint.:

1. Get transaction endpoint example call:

curl -d '{"id": "064f5c5818cf4efdeae2f53aca31a13f85cf983d271db451f7d5200b9891faa7" }' -X POST

2.Get actions endpoint:

All actions on account:

curl -d '{"account_name":"eostribeprod"}' -X POST

Actions for account in last # of days:

curl -d '{"account_name":"eostribeprod", "last_days": 17}' -X POST

Actions in the given date range by UTC start and end times:

curl -d '{"account_name":"eostribeprod", "from_date": 1545591574, "to_date": 1548110036}' -X POST

3. Get account by key:

curl -d '{"public_key":"EOS8LuzMKzRKgD1fjEWFgEe73Pcp1uteezQBeqyKSrqovEekTbiRD"}' -X POST

We are working on providing additional API endpoints.

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