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Telos Mainnet is live now. BP swedencornet has been part of The TLG (Telos Launch Group) from the beginning (since early JUL 2018). BP swedencornet has been actively participating in the testnet during various stages. Now we are proudly part of Telos Mainnet.

This is the time for you (as a TLOS Token holder) to cast your vote. In Telos your voice has a power.

"BP: swedencornet" Compliance status:

We respect the Telos Governance Framework (including TBNOA). We comply with the Telos BP Minimum Requirements. We have been co-author of these Telos Governance documents; the work that was carried out as part of TLG (Telos Launch Group).

At the Telos Foundation web site you can also monitor the status of our compliance (as well as Telos hard working other BPs).


Telos Mainnet Monitors

There are several Telos Mainnet Monitors. Some are under development. Here are few of them:

How to Vote for Telos Mainnet BPs?

You can use various Wallets and Portals. Telos recommended Wallet is Sqrl. It can be downloaded from

Once you have connected to Telos Mainnet with Sqrl and imported your Telos Keys, you can choose Governance tab. Here is how it looks like:

You can choose and vote for upto 30 BPs. Before choosing a BP, please do a research for BPs Compliance status at: - Please also look at BPs website and understand their competence. Here is website for BP swedencornet: [swedencornet is founded by a team of energetic, optimistic, and tech entrepreneurs who are well recognized and have decades of experience in Information Security, Privacy, Governance, Legal, Compliance and Risks Management.]

In Sqrl it looks like this for BP swedencornet:

It is very easy and straight forward to cast your vote in Sqrl.

How often do you vote?

In Telos Mainnet the power/weight of your vote decreases as time passes. It is important you vote as often as possible, preferably several times a week (or at least once a week). If you do not have time to re-cast you vote often then you can choose proxy which can vote on behalf of you.

Set your Proxy as "peoplesproxy"

In Sqrl under governance there is a Proxies tab. There are several proxies listed here. You can read about them.

The peoplesproxy is backed by Crypto Tokens Awareness Channel and BP swedencornet. You can read about them at:

They support & strive for Decentralized Community-backed EOSIO/Telos Blocks Production. It is general People's Proxy. It is your voice.

peoplesproxy is performing regular research of BPs and is casting votes regularly on behalf of you (who have chosen it).

We are also working to improve our process(es) further. We believe on continuous improvement in this dynamic agile environment. We are looking for to execute an Airdrop to empower you (empowerment of The TLOS Token holders). We are in the process to develop a model so that you can directly influence both the peoplesproxy and BP swedencornet block production operations. As said "we support & strive for Decentralized Community-backed EOSIO/Telos Blocks Production".

Why Work with swedencornet and VOTE for us?

We welcome anyone who is EOSIO/Telos Blockchain Enthusiast and is willing to positively contribute for the greater good within EOSIO/Telos blockchain ecosystem(s). We respect and abide by the Telos Governance and the EOS Mainnet Constitution:

We fully support the protection of the stakeholders (including, but not limited to: EOSIO/TLOS individual token holders) who are part of the valid chain.

As a top priority, our role is both to produce block and secure the Telos blockchain Network (TBN). We will play an integral role for the

  • awareness,
  • education, and
  • future growth of EOSIO/Telos echosystem.

Bribes and Buying Votes:

  • We have strong policy “against” bribes and paying money to buy votes. We do “not” accept any sum of money or other inducement offered or given to bribe someone.

Giving Back:

  • We will give back to the community by Education, Awareness Activities and Meaningful Innovation. We will use part of surplus revenue to support and develop innovative DApps to help global and local communities. As we grow with time, depending on circumstances, we will also focus on developing innovative “surplus revenue sharing models for the development of Telos ecosystem and Apps” within the applicable legal and ethical boundaries.



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