GoodProxy BPC Re-evaluation Request

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We are proud of GoodProxy, it's Process(es), and GoodBlock's core philosophy:

"Blockchain is for everyone" and the Telos ethos of "security, openness, transparency, and opportunity."

We are proud of it's seven governors, from different organizations, that vote for block producer candidates based on credible, transparent and continuous research.

We respect and accept with open hearts whichever BPCs GoodProxy (via it's governors) chooses to cast vote for.

GoodProxy BPC Re-evaluation Request

We swedencornet are proud member of TLG (Telos Launch Group) and has participated in the numerous activities and efforts together with our TLG colleagues from the early stage. As we remember; we participated from testnet stage 1.0 and had our multiple nodes running in testnets non-stop from "about" 12th JULY or earlier.

We have participated in almost every Working Group activities and our TLG colleagues are witness for that. In some "working groups" we contributed more. In other "working groups" we contributed less. But in all cases we tried to utilize the best or our abilities.

We saw the bright future in Telos. As we stated in our web site "We are confident that EOSIO has the potential to fundamentally change global economy and social systems. It has the potential to empower it’s communities, it’s user base, as well as involved stakeholders. We are deeply committed to contribute towards the growth of the EOSIO ecosystem." Telos is an integral part of EOSIO Echo System. Telos has implemented add-on needed technical, administrative, and governance features on top of EOS Mainnet capabilities. We believe in Telos.

We understand and accepts the published criteria of BPC Selection from GoodProxy. This is how we comply with it.

0: BP Minimum Requirements

We comply 100% (Score: 9 out of 9) with BP Minimum Requirements and acknowledges The Telos Governance Framework (including TBNOA). My name appears as co-author in some of the governance docs.

We have been given green status at compliance check mark.
Score: 9 out of 9


How well does this BP add to the security of EOS/Telos?

  • swedencornet has decades of experience in Information Security, Privacy, Governance, Legal, Compliance and Risks Management. We have Security Education, Globally recognized Certifications and Experience in global organizations.

  • We are deploying Telos Nodes in compliance with Minimum Requirements.

  • On top of that for internal BP operations swedencornet emphasis on fundamentals and sound principles of Information Security and Privacy in all aspects (ISO 27001/2, 27017, 27018, CSA CCM, OWASP, CIS L1, L2, EU GDPR, etc.). More information is at

Depending on the circumstances we may also go ahead for obtaining ISO27001 Certification; which is so far the best standard for Information Security Management.


How much does this BP contribute to opening EOS/Telos up to new users, especially groups underserved or underrepresented in blockchain? This included the makeup of the BP team itself.

We support & strive for Decentralized Community-backed EOSIO/Telos Blocks Production operations. swedencornet believes that without mass adoption there will not be a long term sustainable growth. swedencornet emphases on bringing new brand of users in the Telos echo system.

swedencornet is building diverse team and focusing on establishing a community base.

  • We are not limited to Sweden only, we aim to cover The whole Globe. We have background from developing countries and we understand the local environment. If we succeed as BPC we will create projects in the developing countries (including Awareness, Education, and Applications; e.g. National/Local voting systems). It will be a win-win- situation both for local communities and Telos.
  • In Telos Working Group DApps Outreach, swedencornet has been talking about Public Sector and e-Governance. There are 3 Trello cards about this. Some information is also available at


How transparent is this BP about ownership, relationships or reciprocity, and its actions?

We are already in compliance with Minimum Requirements. Ownership is covered.

Our core Vales are listed here:

  • Transparency:
    Our culture is “Default to Transparency”. We will be completely open and transparent. Our issues (positives and negatives) will be put out there for the community and world to see.

  • Trust and Respect for Individuals:
    We work together to create a culture of inclusion; which is built on trust, respect and dignity for all.

  • Achievement and Contribution:
    We strive for excellence in all what we do. Each one of your’s & our’s contribution is critical to EOS success.

  • Education and Meaningful Innovation:
    Education (Awareness & Training) is the key for EOS echosystem to succeed and to play a major role in global economy. We will also support useful and significant initiatives in this industry.

  • Speed and Agility:
    We are resourceful and adaptable. We will achieve results faster than our competitors.

  • Uncompromising Integrity:
    We are open, honest and direct in our dealings.

  • Global Citizenship:
    We understand our responsibility to global society by being an intellectual, social, and economic asset to each country and local community independent from any discrimination.


How does this BP create new opportunity for the chains and their users?

We are looking for bridging the gap between general public, governments, and telos blockchain network. We believe as stated above that integrating EOSIO/Telos unique accounts (Key-Pairs) into existing Citizen's ID (National and/local ID) globally will help to bring millions of new brand of users in the Telos echo system.

There is also a Trelo Card on the topic of BankID. These are long term projects that has to be executed with well thought process in GRC friendly environment. Telos Foundation maybe able to provide such environment.


Finally, how well does this BP promote the reach of blockchain to everyone?

This is the core of everything. We ourselves are small part of everyone. There is lack of involvement in Telos echosystem from Asian countries. We have background from developing countries and we understand the local environment. If we succeed as BPC we will create projects in the developing countries (including Awareness, Education, and Applications; e.g. National/Local voting systems). This will be a small step towards mass-market adoption. It will be a win-win- situation both for local communities and Telos.

We also have an advisor from developing country, working as “SVP (Senior Vice President)” and “Head Trade Finance Centralized Operations” at National Bank of Pakistan.

We are also making videos about Telos in multiple languages for the growth of Telos echosystem.

Good Proxy Vote

We hope to have GoodProxy Vote. With or Without vote, in all cases we will be thankful to all GoodProxy Governors and TLG.

Thanks in anticipation.


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