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Happy new month Telokandians!

We trust the new year is going well already with everyone. It is with joy that we announce that our official website will soon be launched as our developers are at work. Telokanda is an advertising platform and community that focuses on buying and selling of ads and we rewards users with TLOS tokens or KANDA tokens for completing tasks on the platform. TLOS is the local currency for the TELOS Blockchain while KANDA is the local currency for the Telokanda platform. KANDA tokens are mined with respect to the type of telokanda account a user has and the type of task he completes.


We have a goal to create a decentralized app which will support online advertisements at a cheaper rate than the usual whih will be a lot more beneficial to advertisers and the target audience. Telokanda is a social advertising platform funded by Telos foundation. TELOS is a networked ecosystem that enables Visionary leaders and communities to work together and build a new super global economy.
Telokanda was founded by two Africans @empato365 , @citimillz and an American @ackza. The name originated from joining both Telos and the popular name for an imaginary African settlement Wakanda. Our vision is to expose the Telos Blockchain to Africans by creating social online and offline campaigns. We are building a team in Africa which will comprise of online marketers, content creators, developers and graphic designers who are skilled in their different fields. The 10-man Team will join forces to make sure that word is spread about Telos across Africa and all over the world. The Telos foundation gives developers and freelancers the opportunity to become Visionary leaders and communities and having this come to Africa will affect the African Global digital economy positively.

The Telokanda project will will add value to the TELOS ecosystem nd will help increase market value of TELOS for holders and investors. So we urge Africans to Join our Telegram and become early adopters of KANDA and TLOS tokens. We are currently tipping active users in our Telegram and Discord server.
Join our Telegram or Discord today for a chance to earn free tips. You might just be lucky.

Buy Telos Here:
Trade Telos Here:

Join this 1 EOS Twitter contest hosted by @citimillz to support the Telokanda and Telos Platforms.




Download the Telos mobile wallet on App store or for desktop.



Thanks for Reading our Blog!!


Way to go guys.

Thanks for supporting the #Telokanda project @ubongj

Since it's for Africans I'm glad to participate.

We appreciate @sheriffakin! Keep in touch to get info on my new updates.


Nice and interesting

Great developers, freelancers and Angel Investores will emerge out of Africa due to the robust promotion for TELOS by the Telokanda advertising platform @more4less. Thank you for supporting our Team!

Users will be able to buy ads, sell ads and get rewarded for taking actions on other user’s ads and this all happens on the Telokanda platform.

My advice to Steemians is that they should Invest on TELOS and KANDA tokens to become early adopters on the Telos Network and make the #Richlist.

Awesome project. Its a pleasure working along side you to achieve this dream.

Thank you for supporting @telokanda and TELOS Network.

I already joined

wow, nice one. thanks

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This is an awesome project guys! And or just the 10 of you to get the word out across Africa and the world seems like a monumental task! I will do my best in helping you to do that by tweeting your post out to 3,000 Twitter followers and shared it on Facebook to my 1,000 followers!

Best of luck to you guys in you awesome mission 💯😀

♥️ @bit-trader

Hello telokanda!

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