Saving the world, watching TV

in #television2 years ago

Lots to see on TV;

I 'finally' saw Queen & Slim last night; the bad reviews kept me from rushing out to see it; it was a story with Potential to be better than it was; they should've took more time writing that - several unnecessary scenes; ole Bokeem always a crook; and yes like several others pointed out; didn't like the 'messages' that were in there; but hey... something to see.

-- meanwhile, fell into this other show called Babylon Berlin; which I'm almost done with :: strange; but good; based on some police drama happening in Germany, in 1929; just before the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party; and also juts before the Stock Market Crash that sent us into the Great Depression ...

had No idea when I began watching that, weeks ago; that we'd find ourselves on the brink of heading into another one ...

But yea - been entertaining :: I noticed a piano theme that was familiar; realized it's the same music from #CloudAtlas - a film I truly LOVE :: it's complicated but makes sense on the 4th watch :) :: "Truth is singular; it's versions are mistruths" highly recommended; anyways -

"To know one self is only possible through the eyes of Others"

I looked into it and both were made by the same person. I guess he decided to re-use that piano theme. (also makes me wonder if all of this is ... in some ways .. just another 'story within that Cloud Atlas story' .... )

I say all this to say that Ozark Dropped last night; Season 3 in the house; THAT SHOW GOES HARD!!! So I'm tryin to finish up Babylon Berlin so I can move to this next show; 'and' ... episode 6 of Clone Wars came out too; only 30 minutes; so I could squeeze that in for sure.

What a time to be alive going through a pandemic; and all we gotta do is stay inside, and watch some TV to save the world; Season 3 of #Westworld is back; episode 3 drops on Sunday; they've set us up real nicely so far; even made the 'confusing' season 2 better 'for me' already in just 2 shows. Truth is I need to rewatch Season 2 ::: I think a new #Blacklist drops tonight too; (My other shizznit there.... ) -- again ... LOTS to see on TV right now; almost too much to see.

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