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Greetings bingers and show watchers! I haven't watched much T.V. since I started streaming, and last week I had an old friend visiting so I took a nice break. Since I've started streaming, I've been wanting to tell you about this show but kept putting it off. Even had at least half the article written out along with some screen shots but then I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. Without any warning, the update wiped my steemit drive. It's the external drive that I use to store all my steem related things including thousands of photo's and future articles. This was very discouraging for me, but I'm not going to let it keep me down forever! Eventually I'll get to a partition recovery, but for now, let's get to the show. I've been binge watching shows for a couple years now and I really only like to talk about those that talk about or mention cryptocurrencies. This is probably one of the best mentions yet as it's not just a simple mention but plays a major role for an entire season.

First of all, I think that Netflix knows that I like cryptocurrencies. It suggests, I watch, and I am remarkably surprised when crypto's get mentioned. It really puts a smile on my face. Just a few years ago, it was unheard of to have a television series mention bitcoin. One of the first times I heard bitcoin mentioned on T.V. it painted a bad picture for crypto's. It was always about criminals using crypto's to stay anonymous. I always laughed at this. What criminal wants to put their illegal transactions on a public ledger? This really made me facepalm but it's gotten a lot more positive over the years. Well...mostly. I'll get to that in a minute.

The OA

This show starts off pretty weird. Stale too. I was unsure I even wanted to watch but there was something about not knowing what the hell is going on that kept me wanting to continue watching. The abbreviation of "OA" is not actually revealed til much later in the show, so if you want to watch it, I will not be disclosing what OA means. After a while, however; I was able to guess what it meant. Don't google it! Don't spoil it for yourself. Just watch it!

Prairie Johnson, the main character in the show is blind and goes missing for 7 years. The show starts with her running away from someone or something as she jumps off a bridge. She is then hospitalized and her parents are able to identify her. One thing that kept me wanting to keep watching was that she was blind before she jumped, so even though she could now see, she had to feel her parents faces in order to recognize them. This is when I needed to know more. Upon her return the whole time everyone wants to know what happened but she is reluctant to tell anyone her story. She's very stand-offish to everyone which actually makes it a little difficult to watch, but that's because she's on a mission. I won't be disclosing that either, so if you want to know you'll just have to watch. I highly recommend it! It's actually difficult explaining what the show is about because I feel that any specifics would be spoilers. Very sci-fi with quite the twist! The whole first season is basically her story being told.

The entire first season just leaves you wondering what the hell is going on for most of the show. It isn't really until the end that you begin to understand what is really happening. Season two adds a whole new twist to the story, along with quite the crypto-surprise for me!

The Crypto Mention

Season two starts off with an old woman seeking help from a private investigator to find her missing granddaughter, Michelle. This all leads up to a very weird ending so I can't get too much into detail, but within the first 5 minutes of Season two, I got my crypto mention. I never even expected this to happen, given the storyline of Season 1.

At one point, Michelle stops sending money and grandma becomes worried. This is what brings her to the private investigator. Of course, this job isn't done for free and grandma is apparently homeless, so he asks if she has any money, and she promptly displays her sexy Ethereum wallet...

29.482 Ethereum sitting at a cool $31,096 USD. Some quick math says we are looking at 1,054.74 cents per Eth! We can only hope that one day soon that price tag comes back. I for one will be a happy hodler, but boy did it excite me. Dude has no idea what it even is...it makes me feel like I was really in the know when Eth was sitting at $1 a few years ago.

This is the money her granddaughter had been sending her...just in time for quite the bull run right? Hopefully they cashed those out before the crash, but the question we should be asking is how her granddaughter got all those Ethereum. Well, the answer is simple. She wasn't mining it or trading it...she was playing an Eth game! The game doesn't have a name, and you don't talk about it. This really opened my eyes...I want to make 29 eth on an Eth game too! Surely she didn't get this from crypto kitties, and surely it was probably a game that the producers made up, not one that actually exists. It was basically a puzzle that is really difficult to solve and eventually takes the player "IRL" to finish. Karim, the private investigator, spends the whole season trying to figure the game out and it ties in very nicely with the plot of the show. What the outcome is, well that's something you'll have to figure out for yourself by watching. It's got a massive twist at the end that just completely blew my mind and I am really looking forward to Season 3. As a binge watcher, I'd rather wait for Season 3 to get released on Netflix so I can watch it all without weekly breaks and commercials, so that's what I shall do!

I highly recommend this show. It was a little boring at first, but there was enough cryptic stuff going on that kept me interested and wanting to figure out what was going on. The Eth mention was icing on the cake for sure! Certainly not expecting another crypto mention, but it was the most exciting crypto-related season I've seen so far. The things that crypto-nerds will do to play their blockchain games! It made me want to get in on more blockchain gaming and I've done just that!

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