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Telepaper Top Coins Held
Telepaper Top Coins Held

Come check out our fun telegram game, where you can trade a "paper"(fake money) crypto portfolio. The game is still in beta but soon we will be paying out steem prizes to the top traders. Next monday we will be restarting the game(resetting everyones balances to 10 btc) and starting our first "test" contest, which will run for 1 week.

/buy (coin) (ammount) i.e.(/buy xmr 1 or /buy 1 xmr )
/sell (coin) (ammount) i.e. (/sell 1 xmr or /sell xmr 1)
/portfolio (username) i.e. /portfolio @cryptohustlin


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How can I correct this? I have stopped posting spam and would like to start using this account for my live stream.