Telegram Marketing Software & Tools + WhatsApp Marketing Solutions (Updated 2018)

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Here's a list of new Telegram Marketing Software available which allow you to market your channel & groups on Telegram.

Telegram Marketing Software

Telegram Advertising Software

Telegram Marketing Tool

Telegram Bulk Sender

Telegram Blaster

Telegram ID Scraper

There are multiple tools that have recently emerged in the marketplace which allow you to start marketing on Telegram by automating major tasks for running higher volume Telegram marketing campaigns.

If you want to for example scrape users from a particular targeted groups (majorly into ICOs, Bitcoins, Cryptocurrency related communities or even sports groups, etc.) where you have a super laser targeted audience for running your Telegram outreach campaigns. You can do that, too.

And once, you have a segmented list of prospects, with their Telegram Username/ID. You can then send them individual messages on Telegram, or you can add these targeted list of users into your main Telegram groups. Or you can even send messages in mass level into several open telegram groups which allow you to post your messages.

Based on different needs, there are different tools. Check the list above for more information on the same.

I am writing another article which goes even deeper.

P.S. On the side note, some other tools for WhatsApp marketing:

1. WhatsApp Bulk Sender - Desktop Tool that allows you to send messages on your own automatically using WhatsApp Web.

2. WA Bulk Sender - WhatsApp Marketing software that allows you to target messages using individual, group and single group messages using WhatsApp Web. Just that you can add multiple numbers using this tool and store them in one place to send out 1000s of messages quickly.

3. WA Panel - Web Based WhatsApp Marketing Panel for agencies, big companies, and marketers who are really serious about taking their campaigns on upto millions of messages in one go. This operates on your own web hosted server.

4. Bulk WhatsApp Sender - Provides multiple WhatsApp marketing solutions, tools, scripts, and software products along with WhatsApp marketing service. 

5. WhatsApp Channels - How do you operate campaigns on WhatsApp when you don't have mobile numbers for marketing? This is a one stop shop for getting pre-activated WhatsApp numbers. Virtual & local SIM card based channels that can be bought in bulk for running massive campaigns. (P.S. Another, good vendor to mention: Bulk WhatsApp Channels)

6. Bulk WhatsApp marketing - This website provides you several WhatsApp marketing related solutions including Bulk WhatsApp Suite, WhatsApp Marketing Sender, WhatsApp Sender Pro, WhatsApp Bulk Blaster, etc.)

And more more. Read this extensive list of WhatsApp Marketing Tools, Solutions, Scripts and Software here.

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