List of Telegram Marketing Software, Tools, Script & Solutions

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Telegram has picked up recently among most of the enthusiast who are right now into blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, trading signals, and bitcoin along with similar kind of alt coins in crypto world.

And since, Telegram is one of the easiest tool to engage conversation, and build an audience of this market. There are several tools, software, script, web based panel, marketing service & solutions that have emerged on the web.

Here's a list of several options that many marketers might be interested in to market their product, service, website, or offers on Telegram:

1. Telegram Marketing Software

This tool allows you to run multiple operations automatically like registering a number on Telegram system, sending individual messages on Telegram, scraping users list from Telegram, adding group members into a particular group, adding subscribers to a particular Telegram channel, joining multiple Telegram Groups & channels sending mass messages into several targeted Telegram Groups & Telegram Channels, and running automated Telegram Group messaging campaigns, individual campaigns, and announcement on Telegram Channel campaigns automatically using this all in one tool for every type of Telegram Marketing Automation.

2. Bulk Telegram Sender

This tool is created by the creators of WhatsApp Bulk Sender. Similar to Telegram Marketing Tool, I discussed above. This tool offers variety of automation options for Telegram, at the same time allows you to use multiple Telegram accounts all from a single software

3. Telegram Marketing Panel 

This tool allows you to run Telegram marketing campaigns using their pay as you go service, where you need to purchase credits from this service and then send individual, group, or channel campaign depending on your requirement.

4. Telegram Marketing Script

This tool is a web based script for operating Telegram Advertising & Promotion campaign using the self-hosted panel which can be installed on your own server. This tool is the only tool which gives you full control over your messaging on Telegram without having to worry about data privacy, data breach, and getting your database sold to your competitors! 

5. Telegram Marketing Tool

This tool allows you to operate Telegram Group Campaigns, Add Group Members, and also, delete/remove group members from a particular Group that you are an administrator on. You can also use their Telegram Bot which are pre-made templates of auto-reply system on Telegram which can moderate your group activity on Telegram.

6. Telegram Marketing Solution

This company provides all kinds of automation solution for running Telegram Promotions, Advertising & Marketing Campaigns. They provide different tools, scripts, automation tool, and web based panel which can allow you to scale thousands of users on Telegram.

ALTERNATIVE, to Telegram: WhatsApp
A lot of marketers are now starting to utilize WhatsApp as a Marketing tool for running their ICO promotions.

You can start utilizing multiple list of WhatsApp Marketing Software, WhatsApp Marketing Tool, WhatsApp Marketing Script, and Web Based WhatsApp Marketing Panel, too to do the same.

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