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If you are on telegram come join the new Steem channels to be involved with the community


@theycallmedan created Steem channels on telegram. Please feel free to come join us there if you are on telegram. Find telegram used by many blockchain / crypto(currency) community groups as I am in many of them already. Joining to help some along with some light moderation to help get things rolling.

Steemit & Steem Telegram Channels

(From theycallmedan (credit) shared to let more people know!)

There is now a Steemit & Steem Telegram!

These are community-driven Telegram's that will be run by members of the community. We need about 3 extra admins for each telegram that can help answer questions and smash spam. It is a voluntary gig, let me know if anyone is interested.
One of the reasons for these telegram groups is because exchanges use Telegram communities as a gauge to see how active a project is, among other things.
Also, 99% of crypto users outside of Steem have a telegram account so this could help us answer any questions new Steemians might have. I will be in both channels hanging out so come join us!

Steem Telegram

Steemit Telegram

Steem Promotion Telegram

Come join on telegram and Steem on,

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This is really great @theycallmedan and I will be following. However I am not so active on telegra. I suggest the creation of an official steem(it) facebook group, mostly because the ones existing are mainly home of scammers...
Thoughts? I will gladly help!!
p.s. If the group could be linked to the official page, it would be great ☺


Good points. Maybe look at all the current Steem Facebook groups and if any larger ones may be converted or simply make a plan for a new one with a team of community moderators to keep it clean.