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There is now a Steemit & Steem Telegram!

These are community-driven Telegram's that will be run by members of the community. We need about 3 extra admins for each telegram that can help answer questions and smash spam. It is a voluntary gig, let me know if anyone is interested.
One of the reasons for these telegram groups is because exchanges use Telegram communities as a gauge to see how active a project is, among other things.
Also, 99% of crypto users outside of Steem have a telegram account so this could help us answer any questions new Steemians might have. I will be in both channels hanging out so come join us!

Steem Telegram:

Steemit Telegram:

I will be doing some Telegram contest for Steem so make sure you are in there!

Ps: Happy Birthday, Steem! Three years and evolving faster than ever!

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I also know of with 1650 people.
that are Steem related.

I hope this group grows to be a great place to learn about latest developments and updates

Awesome and resteemed :-)

Hey Dan,

What would the responsibilities be? i.e. How active should the admin be (how often do we need to log in and perform whatever duties)?

When I'm not out of town, I'm permanently connected... but there are stretches where I'm not online for 3-4 days at a time.

Hi Dan.
I've been on Steemit for a while, so would be glad to assist as admin or mod in the first group of Telegram ( if you trust me)
Do not know much about Steem INC, so would not feel much in business in the second group. :)

Is today steems birthday?

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Yes. 3 years birthday. Steem is 3 years old.

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And soon we'll have our own community system right on STEEM... already been testing it. Maybe not as fancy as telegram... but at least it's right on steem.


Looking forward to that. Although, it seems like changes around here start out pretty rough, they have to get the edges smoothed out. At least they keep falling forward. I am still trying to get used to Steem being 3 years old.


Glad that steem turned 3. Congratulations to all of us and many more to come..

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cool! i'll snoop around 😎

@theycallmedan, Just joined brother, thank you so much for the kind invitation. Have a great time ahead.

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Interesting. I had not heard of this before. I will have to check it out.


Resteemed for my followers to read this post.

Good to be on the network, thanks for the invitation Dan!
Happy Anniversary to STEEM 💪💯❤🚀

Greetings of the day DAN thanks for being here on steemit really you are the steemian who is doing great work for steem Blockchain. And also thanks for spreading steem everywhere on this platform.
Happy birthday Steem

Happy Birthday Steem \0/

Interesting development @theycallmedan. Am joining in. 😄

Happy birthday steem. Happy to see both telegram channels for use next.
Thanks for spread steem love to us.

This is a great advancement. Thanks for sharing @Theycallmedan. I hope you'll stage a contest for #steem's 3rd anniversary!

Just joined both telegram channels. I’m not very active on telegram but I check every now and then.

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Telegram account is amazing really, I think it'll ensure more communications and coming together of steem-minded people really, obviously it's great, I'm joining

Being an admin in this community certainly must have full responsibility, I think it is also very necessary to choose the admin that is consistent

Okay. Thanks for the great update about steem telegram and steemit telegram. I will join them in a few minutes. Thank you.

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Just joined up! :)

An interesting idea, I think the telegram will explode my phone, but with good energy.
Happy birthday STEEM we should make a cake and sing birthday. I take this opportunity to share a little love with you, just as you are doing it on this great platform, I give you a hug and good wishes.
Good vibes.

Didn't know there was steem telegram. Thanks @theycallmedan for this. By the way, would love to be an admin only that i didn't get the functions of these groups clearly. More clarity please.

Happy third anniversary to steem.

Well, I sure never heard of this. I do not know what telegram is and I just spent time trying to learn byteball for drugs wars. When will I ever catch up!!!!

Yes! People are trooping in! @theycallmedan thanks 🙏🏽, I just asked a question there and got an answer immediately!

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Happy Birth day to you 55439599_333448143948888_3551280879630286848_n.jpg

Rock on! Great idea to get this going Dan. Heading to Telegram to join both now.

Finally! I've been waiting for this for a while now. No we have a discord chat and a telegram chat, STEEM improving day after day,

BTW, why 2 telegram groups? Wouldn't it be better to just have the STEEM telegram one? Steemit is just a platform, if you create one for steemit then busy, partiko, steempeek, etc... should also have one.

I'm not yet on Steemit and Steem Telegram, but I am on SMT Telegram. I will look into it.

Happy three years anniversary Steem!

Happy Birthday, Steem! I hope to do better and better.

This is a great short term idea but I can’t wait until we develop on our own a platform to do this! I am looking for to the @tokenbb forum style Dapp which will help website integrate into the ecosystem!

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I like Telegram. Tron seems to have the most going on there, I hope Steem can give it some competition. Would be good if we could tip Steem and Steem tokens there.


This has been on my mind for so long lol there is a discord bot which supports steem but no telegram bot

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Awesome working system.I have joined together two group.Whose birthday?

am relatively active on telegram so am happy to assist where I can with spam removal etc.

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Joined both the group sir.

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Happy anniversary, Steem, may they be many more, with God's favor the community will continue to grow, and we will be many more users who belong to it. Thanks for the invitation, Dan, and for informing steem's birthday.

Oh nice i am on telegram a lot 😂 joined all groups

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Dan, you are a real mvp on the real mvb (most valuable blockchain)!

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Happy birthday steem.
wishing this community to grow as big as Hercules.

Thanks, I joined into both of them.