Top 5 Best Telegram Cryptocurrency Groups and Channels (August 2019)

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Searching for best Telegram Crypto groups or Telegram Crypto Channels?

There’s far too many to plow through.

Telegram is perhaps the only texting channel that has grabbed the attention of the crypto community. All this attention has led to the rise of a lot of telegram Crypto groups and Crypto channels. Do the extra security features it offers make it so desirable?

Nah, of course not!

It’s the fact that Telegram offers such seamless interaction within massive Telegram cryptocurrency groups (reaching 100k) and cryptocurrency channels that make it such a strong fit for any member of the Crypto community that wants to be a part of Crypto group or Crypto channel. A lot of Telegram Crypto groups and Crypto channels are dedicated to a particular cryptocurrency or blockchain, but some Telegram Crypto groups and Crypto channels go beyond the standard and curate consistent, valuable information for many.

1. DAO Maker News – Best Telegram Crypto Groups and Crypto Channels

Wow, has this channel has a constant flow of unique content!

Once a small community, this telegram Crypto channel has now grown due to its many content series. This is probably the best Telegram Crypto channel as it offers rare insight into industry-leading projects. Another reason qualifying is as the best Telegram Crypto channel is that it cuts through the FOMO and hype to look at the fundamental numbers of a project.

Beside that, this Telegram Crypto channel also hosts humorous yet interesting information on industry influencers, scams, and subpar project leaders.

Best Telegram Crypto Channel Link: DAO Maker Telegram Channel

2. DAO Maker Community – Best Telegram Crypto Groups and Crypto Channels

This telegram Crypto group is associated with the DAO Maker News channel. It's arguably the best Telegram Crypto group because it lacks bot, deleted accounts, and inactive users. Virtually every member of the group is heavily involved in the space and has sufficient knowledge to add value to the group.

In terms of value-added discussion, this is the best Telegram Crypto Group.

If you’re searching for ICOs, this is the best Telegram Crypto group. If you're searching for details on a particular coin's price action, this is the best Telegram Crypto group. This Telegram Crypto group's chats provide condensed details on ICOs to Telegram's cryptocurrency community.

This Telegram Crypto group stands out because it provides valuable details through content created by its own community rather than reposts generated by others.

Telegram Crypto Group Link: DAO Maker Telegram Group

3. ETH Trader – Best Telegram Cryptocurrency Groups and Cryptocurrency Channels

The name says it all!

This is a large telegram crypto group for the community of ETH traders. Lots of newbies and skilled crypto traders take part in this group, and this telegram crypto group has really grown to offer much more than just a platform for ETH traders.

Telegram Crypto Group Link: ETH Trader

4. Whale Club BTC – Best Telegram Cryptocurrency Groups and Cryptocurrency Channels

A group for whales—haha of course not! If it were true, it’d definitely be the best telegram crypto group; you could get all the insider info.

The name may give you the idea that this group is exclusive to whale, but that’s not the case. This telegram crypto group is quite large but posts are occasional. The topic of posts in this Telegram crypto group range various crypto coins.

Telegram Crypto Group Link: Whale Club BTC

5. Crypto Post – Best Telegram Cryptocurrency Groups and Cryptocurrency Channels

This Telegram crypto group is mid-sized and aimed for the Crypto Post.

Crypto Post is a Telegram crypto group aimed at providing its Telegram group members content to get information on various crypto. It often discusses charts and news.

Telegram Crypto Group Link: Crypto Post

There are too many Telegram crypto groups to pinpoint which is the best Telegram crypto group. I’ve provided you a list of some Telegram crypto groups. I am going to regularly update this list till I hit… I don’t know: maybe 50.

For now, 5 should get you going! :)

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