Blockchainfo is on Telegram

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Content is a king! And the content about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is especially relevant where there are users who will read it. Those, who wants to educate themselves.

Therefore comes this step. After Facebook, Twitter and of course Steemit feed, Blockchainfo will provide you with your favorite blogposts, technical analysis and last but not least interviews with blockchain space people/developers/traders like John McAfee, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, The Crypto Lark on Telegram.

Will Voice, Publish0x, an e-mail newsletter or any other platform come in the future for Blockchainfo? At the moment it is not planned. But never say never.

Telegram is a social platform and chat that takes care of your privacy. Those who are not already using it should start at least to think about it. There you can set up discussion groups, news feeds, private communication. And over time, the Telegram may also allow to send cryptocurrencies, such as GRAM, created by Telegram author Pavel Durov.



good to see them on telegram,this would increase their digital presence too and give it more popularity...

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yeah it will...

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True, that is exactly the idea.

it is a wonderful idea i must say...

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