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With the motto of “bringing magic to the telecom industry”, Miracle Tele is a new blockchain corporation that has created a mobile platform in which the customers can use superior telecom elements and have possibilities for private growth.

What Is Miracle Tele?

Miracle Tele is a cellular digital network operator that can furnish the customers the capability to make high pleasant worldwide calls from somewhere in the world while protecting their privacy rights and incomes money from assisting the company.

This company was centered due to the fact telecoms are nevertheless struggling to discover methods that they can make it more cost-effective for people to use roaming plans at reduced costs that are now not too expensive. By the use of the blockchain technology and its very own disruptive model, Miracle Tele desires to create a provider that will be low-priced and very convenient to use.

Miracle Tele is going to offer options for minimized expenses with the aid of the use of them as an operator, no extra services, so they can be greater environment friendly and a sustainable increase mannequin based totally on the absence of operational fees and a income sharing model.

This way, the business enterprise will have the opportunity to get customers from the standard groups that do now not provide a top provider to them when they need the most. This can be beneficial for the introduction of loyal purchasers that will stay with Miracle Tele because of its reduced costs. 


Despite the large increase of the telecommunications market international and the accelerating trends of globalization, which has reduced the charge of home telecommunications services, telecommunications providers are nonetheless struggling to furnish clients with exquisite and non-bureaucratic roaming plans whilst lowering rates

Miracle Tele addresses these challenges by means of introducing a disruptive enterprise model

Our machine is based on rugged cell digital network infrastructure to decrease development prices and provide customers with greater affordable and toll calls and Internet plans that can be used on a international scale.

In addition to this infrastructure, we have deployed a blockchain-based grid that approves you to tokenize person assets and permit all corporation customers to buy Ethereum-based, TELE-based tokens, use them to pay for Miracle Tele services, or in reality keep them and get hold of thanks to the increase of the telecommunications network.

The system's tokenization and distribution of rewards among its users is inspired by means of the cashback fashions for cellular phones that are used through quite a number Telecom operators around the world.

Although the idea of cellular cashback and Miracle Tele may seem similar, our mission has a number of key aspects that make it distinctive from the cashback models handy on the market and help to resolve the fundamental troubles of international operators imparting roaming plans.

Currently, there are a massive variety of Telecom operators that provide their customers cell cashback plans, but they do it solely on a contract basis. In different words, the consumer will want to sign a minimal contract with the telco operator, which typically has a period of 12 to 24 months, to return phase of the contract price throughout or at the stop of its term ,

In addition to the conclusion of the contract and the disclosure of personal data, the patron ought to continuously comply with the strict stipulations of such contract, as failure to comply with any terms of the contract is probably to lead to the cancellation of the client's right to get hold of a financial circulation.

We clear up this problem and remove unnecessary bureaucracy so that clients can enjoy entire anonymity in a telecommunications carrier with a block chain except the requirement to submit archives or minimum time contracts. 

The Miracle Tele Token

  • Token symbol: TELE
  • Token price:  €0.10
  • Total tokens: one hundred fifty 0 zero tokens
  • Token rewards: 40% of whole profit

The TELE tokens will be the basis of the platform. They will be offered for the duration of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for 0.1 EUR each. The whole grant of TELE tokens will be 300,000,000 and the whole for sale will be 50% of this quantity: 150,000,000 TELE tokens. You can buy as many tokens as you prefer and the sale solely ends when all the tokens are sold.

You can use BTC, ETH, LTC and SEPA to buy TELE tokens. After the cease of the ICO, 40% of the profits of the enterprise will be paid weekly to the token holders. The tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain and use the ERC20 protocol. 


Miracle Tele Conclusion

Our opinion about this company is regarded positive. Telecom agencies are currently imparting awful offerings with excessive costs, it is the time for new options to appear and finally take their location and we consider that Miracle Tele has a shot at being a applicable actor in this system of change. 

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More Information

Website: https://miracletele.com/
Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5125588.0
Medium: https://medium.com/@miracletele.mobile
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiracleTele/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiracleTelecom
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miracletele/
Telegram: https://t.me/miracletelecom

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